Day 505.1 Surround the Diet – happening from 15:30 pm today!



July 29, JST 13:30− @Ch9 Kick-off event of Green Party in Japan

July 29, JST 15:30− @Ch1 Huge nonukes demo around national parliament

July 29, JST 16:30− @Ch3 See the huge nonuke demo from the sky!


  1. Having lived near a dump site in the US, I am well aware of the dangers of nuclear power, on the other hand it is also curing people and giving them the gift of life in proper use, for example in medicine. The danger is in the use and whether the people empowered with the responsibility are conscientious and cognizant of what they are doing. I have an article which I wrote basically about not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Are you interested in publishing it as a public service to try to get an even handed and non-emotional discussion going? I understand the passion and disabling grief of loss, but sometimes we cut off our noses to spite our faces.

    • My comment was to be entered as my own personal comment, not from the above source. I logged out, and logged in but it did not pick up the other information. How do I get an icon, please?

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