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A storm front has moved in over Japan from the west. As I write, the rain is pelting the windows and the wind is similar to that of a typhoon (although where we are in our area in central Japan, wind is usually very strong anyway).

I don’t know how the people in Kumamoto are able to put up with this. Three nights sleeping outside because it is either not safe or too scary to sleep indoors, and now this storm.

Yahoo has a regularly-updated page in English on how things are developing in Kumamoto:

Last night, there was a message on my phone that the app has chosen not to send out warnings for quakes around 3.0, but would if there were 4.0 or greater. My guess is that there have been so many aftershocks – even at 5.0 – that people’s phones were going off all the time in western Japan.

There have been hundreds of aftershocks. How would anyone be able to get any sleep?

From Yahoo:

Free Wi-Fi Information

Five Zero JAPAN(00000JAPAN)

Three major mobile phone providers have activated emergency public Wi-Fi spot in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Wi-Fi access point is named “00000JAPAN” and is available free of charge regardless of your phone carrier.

According to CNN, so far, 41 people have died and over 968 injured, with more than 91,700 evacuated. Cultural sites have been damaged or destroyed.

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Advertisements petition (in Japanese) calling on the immediate closure of Sendai Nuclear Plant, following the Kyushu earthquakes. Sign and share!


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Rain is forecast for Kyushu. Risk of landslides. 973 households have to evacuate by 3:30 pm.

This, from a Facebook friend:

Listening now to NHK live web streaming (English: and Japanese: The earthquakes in Kyushu are both in Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures. Experts are worried about a chain of earthquakes, which has never happened in the world. Heavy rain expected to start tonight. Risk of continuing earthquakes. Risk of more landslides. Watching the images, the damage is much larger and wide-spread than I realized. I can see how scared and nervous people in the effected areas are. Why the government does not feel any need to suspend operations of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant is a mystery to me. Sending love and light and millions of angels.

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For friends and family around the world who have been following the earthquakes in Kyushu, just to let you know, we are fine here in Nagoya. I didn’t know about it until Friday morning.

We are about where the right-most “3” is on the map below (of this morning’s aftershock):

The rough part for those down in Kyushu is that the first quake destabilized buildings, and the aftershocks are collapsing them.

M saw a rather unusual news item earlier today, though:


A quick, brief, translation goes something like this…

The earthquake that occurred is in very “bad position” because this was considered the epicenter in the prefecture (Kyushu). The Tagawa fault runs from the base of Mount Aso and the fault at Aso is related from Wakayama to Nagano, Shizuoka, Aichi, and Shikoku Prefectures, at the top of the concentration zone of the giant fault leading to Kyushu. If we take this into account, at the worst, Nagano and Shizuoka, Shikoku, Kyushu, may have a similar inland earthquakes, and this is likely to happen in quick succession.

For years they have been predicting a major quake along the Nankai and/or Tonankai trough, and this is exactly where this article is pointing to. (See my earlier discussion on the Nankai Quake at:

Here’s another jpg of the Nankai Tonankai trough:


Here in Aichi prefecture today, folks are going about their business as usual.

I got my bicycle fixed and bought more batteries and emergency food to take to work on Monday.

Just in case.

[*If* something really does happen here and I sill have electricity and Internet, I will write updates when I can. First, check Facebook ;-)]


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