Day 503 Takahama hairo! (ha-ee-ro)

The protests continued today. I stopped by the one in Nagoya. Looked like more folks than last week, probably over 300 standing in mid-80 degree weather and sweltering. A couple of things were different tonight, though…

1) I walked around the corner to the side nearest Denny’s, and a police officer instructed me to go stand over on the other side, toward the Circle-K because the Denny’s side was for the supporters of Nuclear Power. Yes, they were there tonight, just a handful, but it was clear that the police wanted to keep them separate from the rest of the crowd. So, I went over to the opposite end of the continuum, standing way back outside the main group. As I was watching, a man on a bicycle rode past chanting “Saikado sansei” (In favor of the restart). He turned and rode around the corner, and no one paid much attention to him. I later heard that there was some sort of scuffle with the supporters of NPP, but I didn’t see anything unusual.

2) “Takahama hairo” (Shut down Takahama permanently). A new chant added to today’s protest.

See the link below for more on that bit of news:

Kepco pushes Takahama restart


TSURUGA, Fukui Pref. — Kansai Electric Power Co. said Wednesday that the utility wants to see two reactors at its Takahama nuclear power plant restarted now that two reactors at its Oi complex, also on the Sea of Japan coast in Fukui Prefecture, have gone into full operation.

Article continues at:

More news tomorrow.





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