17 Apr 2016

A storm front has moved in over Japan from the west. As I write, the rain is pelting the windows and the wind is similar to that of a typhoon (although where we are in our area in central Japan, wind is usually very strong anyway).

I don’t know how the people in Kumamoto are able to put up with this. Three nights sleeping outside because it is either not safe or too scary to sleep indoors, and now this storm.

Yahoo has a regularly-updated page in English on how things are developing in Kumamoto: http://news.yahoo.co.jp/story/150.

Last night, there was a message on my phone that the app has chosen not to send out warnings for quakes around 3.0, but would if there were 4.0 or greater. My guess is that there have been so many aftershocks – even at 5.0 – that people’s phones were going off all the time in western Japan.

There have been hundreds of aftershocks. How would anyone be able to get any sleep?

From Yahoo:

Free Wi-Fi Information

Five Zero JAPAN(00000JAPAN)

Three major mobile phone providers have activated emergency public Wi-Fi spot in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Wi-Fi access point is named “00000JAPAN” and is available free of charge regardless of your phone carrier.

According to CNN, so far, 41 people have died and over 968 injured, with more than 91,700 evacuated. Cultural sites have been damaged or destroyed. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/16/asia/japan-earthquake/index.html.

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