Day 558 The flies move on

Seems as though Japan’s relations with China is the next buffalo that the media flies are going to be following for a while (to borrow a metaphor from Arundhati Roy). Most of the headlines yesterday and today in MSM were about that issue.  Let’s see what (and who) is covering Japan’s nuclear crisis on this, the 558th day after 3.11.

[Giving you only the headlines and URLS is practice for Japan’s DAII (Dark Ages II) which begins on October 1st. See yesterday’s post.]

Mainichi has this:

No restart for nuke reactors until new standards drawn up: Regulation chief


Kyodo and NHK English had nothing.

The Japan Times had this:

New atomic regulator launches, vowing no more disasters


And then, the good ol’ Guardian UK has this:

Japan drops plans to phase out nuclear power by 2040

Cabinet fails to commit to no-nuclear option by agreed deadline amid pressure from business lobby


Some interesting reading over at FukushimaDiary. The first:

Pneumonia is unusually increasing around in hotspot, “80% of the patients are under 14″


—–(More on this from ENENEWS:

Japan TV: Outbreak of antibiotic-resistant mycoplasma bacteria due to “mutation”, especially in Fukushima, Gunma, Tochigi — 500 cases in a week (VIDEOS) )—–


JP gov banned shipping landlocked salmon from another river in Tochigi


and finally this one, which we will file under “Who in their right mind would authorize this?!?!”:

33 high school students from Tochigi worked to sort disaster debris in Miyagi


Next, great stuff as always over at EX-SKF. The first, following on the article directly above…

Radioactive Japan: Government to Send Emperor and Empress to Fukushima to Observe Decontamination Work

Angry Crowd Shout “GO HOME! GO HOME!” to PM Noda and Leadership Candidates in Shinjuku, Tokyo

“Good job, people.”

Latest Fukushima I Nuke Plant Videos from Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Japan

Unfortunately, the video accompanying this has been deleted from YouTube. It was available this morning, but has been taken down since:

“Too Absurd”: Fukushima Nuclear Worker Filmed at Plant for Two Months over Summer (VIDEO) 

And finally this evening, food for thought, from your… closet?

Japanese source warns clothing retains radioactive contamination — Closets, wardrobes register highest levels







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