Day 557 Censorship comes to Japan (again)

Following the U.S.’s lead with legislation to bar the dissemination of information on the web, Japan has introduced new laws prohibiting the downloading, copying, sending via email, blogs, or otherwise distributing copyrighted material such as newspaper articles (without written consent), YouTube videos which do not state explicit permission to download, and on and on. The new laws will go into effect from October 1st.

I know there are probably ways around this. Unfortunately, I simply do not have the time or energy to find them. I will continue to add links to articles (I assume copying the title of an article is permitted) but might not be doing it daily from October. If there is an unusual event or important information to let friends and family know about here, I will do so as this really is the easiest way to reach them in the countries in which they reside.

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Report: 12 million yen “to censor Twitter” being spent by city starting to burn disaster debris

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Video: Japanese discuss personal health problems, strange deaths — “7 people died on this particular shopping street”






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