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From ENENEWS at:

Physician: Overwhelming number of cases being reported from around Japan — Medical data in Fukushima is sealed, no idea what’s truly going on there

Title: Analysis: Radiation Health Risk Management Adviser Shunichi Yamashita
Source: Chris Spivey
Date: Aug 24, 2012

Following the publication yesterday on this site […] I was contacted in the early hours of this morning by the author. […]

The Author [Dr.] Yuri Hiranuma, pointed out in his communication to me that the medical report dated back to January 2012. He told me that since the release of that report, he has not had the time to release an update. The following is lifted directly from his message to me and details exactly why no update has been forthcoming:

“We have not had a chance to do more reports simply due to an overwhelming number of reported cases. In other words, current situations in Japan are worse than in this report. In addition, medical information in Fukushima is sealed, which means we have no idea what is truly going on there. What’s in our report is from the rest of the country”.

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Hmm, let’s take a look at this report ( /

It says:

1) Cases of radiation contamination symptoms are being reported all over Japan, not only in the Tohoku region.

2) Some cases may have been caused by radiation sources in food. Food from areas heavy hit by radiation from FD1 has been known to show up in other areas of Japan.


When it comes to restaurants, regardless of whether they are expensive and high class or not, it appears that they barely recognize the radioactive contamination of food as an issue.  As expected, there are many cases where the symptoms improved after refusing school lunches and abstaining from eating out.   It is extremely important to take protective measures against contaminated food no matter where you live in Japan.

3) Other cases may have been caused by airborne radioactivity “due to the government’s policy of incinerating contaminated debris”.

For anyone not following the situation post-3.11, this may come as a surprise. Heads up.

Ok. Now, the nice folks at Safecast know quite about radiation levels. Here’s what one person mentioned in the listserv this week:

      “In a genuine discussion, I don’t see any benefit to claiming there aren’t any health effects at low levels of radiation (0 to 100 mSv), unless you describe a homogeneous population being exposed. Many factors determine the health outcome of an exposure, including variables associated with the individual, the toxin(s), and the environment. Whether the toxin is chemical, biological, or radiological, sensitivity often varies with target organ, age, and health. People are surrounded at home and work by toxic agents with unique properties and specific targets. Simultaneous exposure to multiple toxins may increase or decrease their ability to cause damage. Toxins with a common target organ and synergistic effects may present a healthy challenge to the cells of one individual, but create a perfect storm in the cells of another. The only responsible thing to do is maintain exposures to all toxic agents ALARA and always weigh the benefit to the exposed population when justifying risk IMHO.
      I think Cheryl Rofer does a pretty thorough job of explaining the uncertainty associated with drawing any conclusions regarding the biological effects of low level radiation, and she provides some links to reputable references:

That blog is an interesting site. If you want to learn more, have a look.

Here’s one study entitled “Worldwide health effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.” (Nuclear Diner mentions that the authors of that study in the past have been critical of nuclear power. Good to know if there is a potential conflict of interest either pro or con.)

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Radioactive Japan: Miyagi, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Chiba to Have Final Disposal Sites for Highly Radioactive Ashes from Garbage Incineration, Sludge

Goshi Hosono’s Ministry of the Environment is on the sudden offensive against citizens and residents of Kanto and Tohoku, again.

According to the Yomiuri Shinbun article, the Ministry of the Environment is already talking with the officials in the municipalities in three prefectures to built final disposal sites in their cities and towns.

As the wide-area disposal of disaster debris winds downas it is now widely revealed that there is simply not enough debris to widely distribute, Mr. Hosono looks desperate to do something so that he can claim he has made people “share the pain”.

Article continues at:

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Atomic energy commission head Kondo took leading role in secret pro-nuclear meetings

Shunsuke Kondo, chairman of the Cabinet Office’s Japan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), told a secret meeting of pro-nuclear power experts that he would have a say over Japan’s level of dependence on nuclear power when a task force set up under the commission drew up a new nuclear power policy, it has been learned.

Article continues at:

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Yamada: We cannot cover Fukushima Daiichi reactors like after Chernobyl — It’s more complex (AUDIO)

Yastel Yamada, cofounder and director of Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima (Part II)
TUC Radio (Maria Gilardin)
Recorded July 30, 2012

At 19:00 in

Now a very important thing, Fukushima Daiichi is more complex than Chernobyl…

Their task was just to cover the furnace unit.

But in the case of Fukushima Daiichi, we have to continue to cool it for 10 years, 20 years. That is much different.

We cannot cover Fukushima Daiichi.

Listen to the report here




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