Day 510.2 Back from tonight’s Demo

Just back from tonight’s demo in Takaoka, Nagoya. Had a little different feeling to it tonight. There were more people, for one thing, and a considerable increase in the number of women and little children (tiny – pre-school). One 5th grader gave a short speech, more(?) grandparents brought their grandchildren, there were more signs, more lights, a student from Aichi University spoke briefly, and yes, the lone “Saikado sansei” (agree with restarting NPPs) voice over on the Denny’s side of the crowd. 

No problems. Police still very polite to the passersby who happen to walk on off the sidewalk and onto the Kansai Electric Company concrete.

Will try to find video to post of the Nagoya event. IWJ and some MSM camera were there.

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A very interesting article giving an historical perspective on the demonstrations of the 1960s compared with those of today against NPP restarts:

From a “Dysfunctional Japanese-Style Industrialized Society” to an “Ordinary Nation”?

Oguma Eiji with an introduction by David H. Slater


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From ENENEWS at:


Leaked Email: Nuclear operator warns against leaking documents, specifically mentions Fairewinds Associates

Title: Shhh… don’t tell!
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Author: Patrick’s Blog

Fairewinds Associates was sent a leaked Southern California Edison email informing San Onofre employees it is against company policy to leak documents to Fairewinds.



To: All SONGS Employees and Contractors

Yesterday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) posted additional data on its website regarding our steam generator tubes for Units 2 and 3. This has generated an additional news cycle regarding our plant’s status. Specifically, the data reflects the type and amount of tube wear we have found on the steam generator tubes. The request for more information about the tube wear came from the public at our June 18 Augmented Inspection Team exit meeting with the NRC. The data includes various types of wear, and shows that most of the wear was less than 20 percent, which is far below the required plugging limit of 35 percent, and the majority of the wear is related to support structures.

While this is the first time this data has been released to the general public, it is the exact same data we have been providing to the NRC and our industry experts all along as we have conducted our inspections, analyses and our root cause evaluations. It provides the basis for our conservative decision-making and our approach moving forward for the repair plans.

Also yesterday, Friends of the Earth (FOE) released another study by Fairewinds Associates regarding issues with our steam generator tubes as compared to the industry. It is disheartening to see they are using “a leaked Southern California Edison document” as part of their source data, which is our first root cause evaluation for the Unit 3 steam generators. It is unfortunate, as this document is a critical piece of our return-to-service plans that are still being evaluated and challenged. As a reminder, it is against our company policy to release company documents to the media or other third-party stakeholders.


Love some of the comments after this blog post:

I see, it is against company policy to tell the truth. Typical nukers. Lying is essential to their operations.

So you think it’s disheartening to find some of your employees might actually have a conscience?

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More tomorrow.



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