Day 495 Stop the restart of Oi #4!

Must be moving up in the world. The blog had 10 spam today!

Demonstrations urging the government to make the switch to renewable energy sources (i.e. Hydrangea Revolution) continues tomorrow, Friday, in cities across Japan. Here in Nagoya, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Takaoka Station Exit #1.

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In Containment 「格納容器の中」 part 4/5

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From ENENEWS at:

Tepco requests media not film Unit 4 operation — Checking if fuel was affected by UNIT 3 explosion — 2nd assembly to be removed Thursday (PHOTO)

Title: Fuel rod removed from Fukushima plant pool
Source: Jiji, AFP-Jiji
Date: July 18, 2012

Kyodo News


Television footage showed dozens of workers, all wearing white protective suits, atop the heavily damaged unit 4 building, extracting the fuel rod with a crane. TV crews used helicopters to film the operation, defying requests from Tepco.


The other assembly is expected to be removed Thursday.

Tepco will scrutinize the two to see if and how they have been affected by a hydrogen explosion at reactor 3 and the use of seawater to cool the fuel assemblies.


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I find this incredibly hard to believe… how much risk is this electricity company willing to accept on behalf of the health and well-being not only of living creatures in Japan but in the entire northern hemisphere? Just how much radiation can the planet withstand? 

File this under “Stupid.”

Kepco again fires up Oi plant’s reactor 4

Probe the fault fracture zones under Fukui site: NISA panel


Reactor 4 at the Oi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture was reactivated Wednesday night and became the second to be restarted since the Fukushima nuclear crisis began in March 2011.

The reactor, capable of generating 1.18 million kw, is scheduled to begin transmitting power Saturday and commence full operation July 25, further easing power constraints in western Japan.

Kansai Electric Power Co. reactivated the plant’s reactor 3 on July 1 and brought it to full operation July 9, prompting the government to lower summer power-saving targets for the service areas of four power suppliers in western Japan.

When reactor 4 begins full operation, the government plans to remove power-saving targets for Chubu Electric Power, Hokuriku Electric Power and Chugoku Electric Power, while further easing the target for Shikoku Electric Power from 7 percent to 5 percent. However, it intends to maintain the 10 percent target — recently reduced from 15 percent — for Kansai Electric.

Article continues at:

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From EX-SKF at:

(Japanese omitted below)

Tokyo Shinbun: “Nuclear – Energy for Destroyed Future”, Says Futaba-machi Resident After 25 Years

Tokyo Shinbun has an article (7/18/2012) about a 36-year-old man from Futaba-machi, Fukushima who evacuated the town after the nuclear accident and now lives in Aichi Prefecture with his wife and a small son. Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is located in Futaba-machi and neighboring Okuma-machi.

When Yuji Onuma was a 6th grader in Futaba-machi in 1987, he came up with the winning slogan selected and proudly displayed at the town’s entrance across the road:

“Nuclear – Energy for Bright Future”

Onuma and his wife returned home temporarily on July 15. The reporter from Tokyo Shinbun accompanied them. At the sign, Onuma made a correction to the slogan that he created 25 years ago by holding up his handmade sign that says “Destruction” (破滅), hiding the word “Bright” (明るい) and turning the sign into:

“Nuclear – Energy for Destroyed Future”

From Tokyo Shinbun (7/18/2012):

“Nuclear, Energy for Bright Future”. It is a slogan displayed on the entrance to the main street in Futaba-machi, Fukushima Prefecture. 25 years ago, Yuji Onuma (age 36) came up with the slogan when he was a 6th grader. It was selected in the town-wide contest. After spending a year and 4 months as an evacuee and having convinced that “going beyond nuclear” is the way to go, he “corrected” his slogan on July 15 when he returned home temporarily.

After the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident, he left town with his pregnant wife Serina (age 37). They now live in Anjo City in Aichi Prefecture. Futaba-machi called for a nuclear slogan in a public contest in 1987. Onuma’s slogan expressing belief in the nuclear power plant building the future for the town, won. A sign made of steel was built with the grant money for municipalities with power generation facilities near Onuma’s home, which was about 4 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuke Plant. He was proud.

After graduating from college and worked elsewhere, he returned home at the age of 29. While working for a real estate company he built an all-electric apartment near the sign, and rented to TEPCO employees. He never doubted the “safety myth” that the town would prosper with the nuclear power plant.

After the accident, the town was designated as no-entry zone, and all residents evacuated. Onuma was tormented by the fact that a normal life was taken away from the town, and was distressed every time the slogan was shown on TV. He blamed himself and regretted. But he thought he had the right to speak about the reality of [having] the nuclear power plant. He wanted to show to his one-year-old son that he was now anti-[or “beyond-“] nuclear.

When he and his wife temporarily returned home on July 15, I accompanied them. Onuma, in the protective clothes, first waved a red card at the slogan, and shouted “Out!”. Then, he held aloft a piece of drawing paper that he had brought in front of the sign. On the paper were two characters “破滅” (Destruction), which covered “明るい” (Bright) [on the sign], creating a new slogan: “Nuclear – Energy for Destroyed Future”. Correction on the 26th year.

Onuma said, “A nuclear plant accident forcing people to leave their hometown, that should never happen again. There is no need for nuclear power plants in Japan.” (Report and photograph by Norio Noro)




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Fuel rod removed from Fukushima plant pool

Jiji, AFP-Jiji

Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Wednesday removed one of two unused nuclear fuel assemblies from the spent-fuel pool of reactor 4 at its Fukushima No. 1 power station.

Television footage showed dozens of workers, all wearing white protective suits, atop the heavily damaged unit 4 building, extracting the fuel rod with a crane. TV crews used helicopters to film the operation, defying requests from Tepco.

The operation is a trial ahead of the planned transfer of all the fuel assemblies now in the spent-fuel pool to a common pool in another part of the stricken plant. The transfer is expected to start by the end of 2014.

Article continues at:

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TEPCO to be ordered to trim electricity rate hike to 8.47%

TOKYO, July 19, Kyodo

The government decided Thursday to order Tokyo Electric Power Co. to trim its electricity rate hike for households to an average 8.47 percent from the earlier planned 10.28 percent, having determined the utility can further reduce salaries and streamline its business to limit the additional cost burden on consumers.

Article continues at:





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