Day 491 1,000 march against nuclear power in Nagoya

Mainstream Media Japanese news sites in English covering today’s protests against nuclear power in Japan:

Maichini: 0

Kyodo: 0

NHK World: 0

Japan Times: 0

But then again, maybe they’ll all be covering it tomorrow. (?)

In Japanese, about the march in Nagoya:

Sankei MSN:

名古屋で脱原発千人デモ ツイッターで参加呼び掛け 山本太郎さん「がんばろう」

2012.7.15 19:27 [原発




It’s basically saying that there were about 1,000 people at today’s demonstration against nuclear power.

Here’s a translation based on Google translate:

On the 15th, a demonstration against nuclear power was held in the Sakae district near the city center of Nagoya. According to the group “TwitNoNukes758”, it was organized by citizens responding to a call spread on Facebook and Twitter, about one thousand people participated, men and women of all ages. People held banners or placards, and chanted “Stop the Restart (Ooi)” and “We do not need nuclear power plants.”

At the rally that was held prior to the march, actor Taro Yamamoto greeted the assembled group saying, “Grassroots groups are working hard to change the situation. Keep spreading this movement.”

Mr. Nobuo Kizu (48) who participated with his family from Obu, Aichi Prefecture, said, “We cannot permit the restart of the Ooi nuclear power plant. We can only tenaciously continue to raise our voices.”

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There’s more on protests today below, but the BIG one is tomorrow in Tokyo. Stay tuned to IWJ’s Ustream channel!!

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Anti-Nuke, Anti-Noda Protest in Funabashi, Chiba Started

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Also from EX-SKF:

July 15: “Take the Yellow Train (Sobu Line) to Funabashi (Noda’s Constituency), Make the Sound of Drums Heard!” Demo from 1PM in Funabashi, Chiba

I think I like these organizers.

Clearly including the ones who organized the very fun protest on June 24 in Funabashi City, Chiba (Prime Minister Noda’s constituency), the group of people calling themselves “Drums of Fury” is doing another protest in Funabashi. Participants are encouraged to take the “Yellow Train” – JR Sobu Line that goes from the western Tokyo into Chiba.

This protest looks to be fun again, if I judge by their blog page.

Article continues at:

=  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =

Found this translation on Facebook:

Sasaki’s fishing nets were driven out to sea by the storm. He had to struggle against bad weather yesterday. He says, “So, I have a backache now. It’s completely abnormal weather this year. I heard that the terrible flood has done a lot of damage to the people in Western Japan. It looks like last year’s tsunami. By the way, the Prime Minister Noda visited our disaster area yesterday. I watched him on TV. But, strangely enough, he was talking to the victims who don’t complain at all as if the victims were intentionally chosen. So, I doubt whether he exactly listened to our voices. Everything he says seem only a pose. Especially, Noda should promise to compensate every victim for the harmful rumor of the radiation of Fukushima nuclear power plant.”

Link to an article in Japanese on Prime Minister Noda’s visit to Iwate:



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