Day 477.9 Stoicism

The Japanese showed their ability to endure 3.11. 

These Hydrangists the past 28 hours who have put their actions where their mouths are (and put their mouths into their actions) are showing their own form of stoicism against a nuclear corporate-government giant. Looking at the Japanese and foreign men and women in the front lines today, I felt deep gratitude. You are doing what so many of us wish we could do. We are with you in spirit, if not in body. you are risking your well-being for Japan’s future, the future of its children.

Protestors being crushed by police
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  1. Anonymous said:

    Thank you blogger extraordnaire, you’ve kept me up to date so well today!

    You are right, nothing but gratitude, respect and restored faith in society. This weekend has shifted my view of these demos from a cynical one to a hopeful and wholehearted acceptance that this is the ‘peaceful’ way things are done here in Japan. I was not a fan of the tamborines and singing and dancing to reggae music on these marches- too festival-like for such a serious notion, I hope the partiicpants realise that this is easy fodder for the press who simply show a bunch of people having a good time in the streets
    However today, I acknowledge the peaceful methods and for so many people to get up and out and stand in defiance together shows me that there are people who are seriously committed to making a mammoth shift in this govt’s stance on Nuclear Power. I am both grateful and moved by their actions, thank you if you are reading.

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