Day 477.8 “Bouryoku hantai”

Above photo from the live coverage at:

The police are continuing to push protesters down the road in order to disband the demonstration. The Hydrangeists are still standing with their backs to the police and hands in the air.

Night has fallen, and the street lights are illuminating the protest below. It’s getting difficult to see clearly what is happening, and that is a plus for law enforcement.

One of the comments below the live video said that police from other prefectures were called in. including Aichi. Makes sense. If the local police were there, they would see their own family members, friends, neighbors holding the line. If you’re from somewhere else, you don’t the protestors, and it makes it much easier to “enforce”.

The crowd is still chanting, “Saikado hantai (Against the restart” and “Bouryoku hantai” (against violence).




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