Day 477.6 Softbank’s and Lawson’s solar

Giving (some) business a (slight) break here, Softbank’s Solar Park has begun operation.


[京都 1日 ロイター] ソフトバンク<9984.T>グループで自然エネルギー事業などを手がけるSBエナジー(東京都港区)は1日、京都市と群馬県に建設した大規模太陽光発電所(メガソーラー)の運転を開始したと発表した。


Article continues in Japanese at:

And Lawson goes solar!


Now, here’s a question…
Right now, it costs a lot to put solar on 2,000 stores. During the day, the stores have to use a lot of electricity, so they probably won’t be able to sell that much back to the electric companies. So, where does the money come from to pay for the installation of the solar? Will they pass that along to the consumer? Is the public willing to go along with that? 
Just asking.
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Antinuclear protesters block road to Oi plant ahead of restart

TSURUGA (Kyodo) — A group of about 100 antinuclar protesters on Saturday blocked a road outside the front gate of the Oi nuclear plant in western Japan, ahead of the planned reactivation of a reactor there on Sunday.

The protesters, part of 650 people who took part in a rally against the reactivation, sought to block the entrance to the plant in Fukui Prefecture with more than a dozen vehicles in an attempt to prevent workers from entering the facility.

The group is set to remain at the site until Sunday night when the process of reactivating the No.3 reactor is scheduled to begin. The plant operator, Kansai Electric Co., said the protest will not affect the reactivation process.

Earlier Saturday, the 650 protesters presented an official of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency with a petition addressed to senior vice industry minister Seishu Makino, who is expected to stay near the plant for about a week to monitor the reactivation process until the reactor reaches its full output capacity. The petition urged the immediate halt to the reactivation process.

The Oi plant on the Sea of Japan coast is the first to come back online since all commercial reactors in Japan ceased operating amid concern about their safety following last year’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster.

July 01, 2012(Mainichi Japan)

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UPDATE: The protestors at the Ooi NPP today have been given the both message – leave or we’ll arrest you. Now they’ve got a new chant:

Bou ryoku hantai = We’re against violence!

Hang in there Hydrangea Revolutionaries!



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