Day 477.5 AEON planning to use MORE electricity??

Someone’s comment:

Regarding the blackout news, I am sure you have all seen the intention to open earlier at the AEON shopping malls !
They want to open from 7am for those people working at companies hoping to close earlier during the summer period. Not sure of the logic here, but this means using MORE electricity over a LONGER period in the LARGEST buildings in Japan…..a true travesty!

Do you mean AEON wants to take advantage of working folks heading home early in the day by opening EARLIER? Yeah, what kind of logic is that?

A friend recently said, “Why don’t people understand that changing the lightbulbs in their homes is not going to make a big dent in the amount of electricity the country uses. The change MUST come from the business sector.”

After 3.11, here in Nagoya we saw a few stores (emphasis on “few”) that cut back on electricity. Didn’t last long. Then, it was back to business as usual.

There are countless ways that business could be contributing to a rapid switch to alternative energy sources, primarily by not using so much energy in the interim. However, that will not happen until the public moves to in some way penalize the businesses they patronize.

Does anyone reading this blog know the history of boycotts in Japan? Perhaps this is a direction the Hydrangea Revolution should consider if it is determined to see change in the very ear future. When the bottom line is affected, businesses tend to listen to the customers and change their corporate policies.



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