Day 477.2 Today’s Japanese Lesson

The protestors outside the Ooi NPP have been at it for 14 hours now.

Wonder what they’re chanting all this weekend?

Saikado hanTAI = Against the restart

Saikado yameYO = Stop the restart

Kodomo o mamoRO = Protet the children

Genpatsu iraNAI = We don’t need nuclear energy

Genpatsu hanTAI = (We’re) against nuclear energy

Genpatsu hanZAI = Nuclear energy is a crime (hanzai)

Noda wa NO da!  = (Noda is the name of the current Prime minister. –> “Noda? NO!”




The Hydrangea Revolution has begun


Because of its abundance of flowers and its shape, some connect the hydrangeato boastfulness. Others suggest that this plant is a symbol of gratefulness and heartfelt feelings.

Chinese symbol

In China, the hydrangea is associated withenlightenment. It is said that when observing the plant, someone can get lost in its abundance of beautiful petals very easily. This also connects to becoming lost in one’s thoughts, and reaching enlightenment.




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