Day 477.1 Ongoing Protests

The protests continue here in Japan. A peaceful protest started around midnight last night at the Ooi Nuclear Power Station in Fukui Prefecture. People are blocking the road leading to the plant.

The event is being broadcast live at:

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From ENENEWS at:

Japan Resident: News blackout of massive protest — This is not normal what is happening (VIDEO)

Historical Anti-nuclear Protest 2012 6/29 Media Blackout
Published by aristoman007
Published on Jun 29, 2012
Description: I went through all news on my HDD there was 7 news since midnight. Almost 24 hours after Demonstration media blackout. […]

Transcript Excerpts

… Today is just an unbelievable day… yesterday we had massive protests… and the news… nothing…

There was very short news on Miyagi TV… not even 1 minute… nothing about size… just tried to ‘mild up’ why they were protesting…

No other news… almost 24 hours past the big demonstration and yet we don’t have news in Japan about the massive demonstration. Can you believe this?

… In the foreigner news…

Japan Times, nothing… Mainichi Daily News, nothing…

NHK World… very short news… nothing about size… used 2 peoples’ comments

The media is completely failing us… outrageous… Not normal what is happening in Japan… this reminds me a little bit of when I used to live in communist times… information is not accessible… you have to see it… please go online and watch the real news.



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