Day 472 Gambling with the world

Might make it short today. Just got back home. There was a party at work – someone is retiring. They offered the usual catered dishes, sushi, beef, etc. I stuck to the veggies and fruit and felt ever so sad. I love sushi. Can I ever trust it again?  Oh, come on. Don’t tell me the question of “Is this okay for me to eat?” hasn’t crossed your mind since 3.11.

Such is life in 1PF (1 year post Fukushima).

Today’s lead video:

Researchers caution restart of Oi nuclear power plant because it sits atop and active earthquake fault


in Japanese, but you can get the gist from the visuals.

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From EX-SKF:

KEPCO Can’t Find Photos of Fault at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant, But NISA Says No Problem

We are supposed to take their word for it that it’s not active and that the plant is is safe.

Fukui Shinbun reports that KEPCO, Ooi Plant operator, cannot find photographs of the crushed zone that runs through the plant compound, between Reactor 2 and Reactor 3 buildings.

Two university researchers have said publicly that the crushed zone could be active faults or that it could be activated by the active faults nearby.

From Fukui Shinbun (6/26/2012):

大飯原発の敷地内断層写真未提出 保安院要請に関西電力

KEPCO hasn’t submitted the photos of faults at Ooi Nuke Plant despite the request from NISA


It has been pointed out by researchers that the crushed zone at the Ooi Nuclear Power Plant may cause the slippage of the ground surface when the active faults move. The plant is currently being prepared for the restart in Ooi-cho in Fukui Prefecture. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency disclosed on June 25 that the photographs of the crushed zone that the agency had asked KEPCO to submit weren’t submitted.

Article continues at:

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From ENENEWS at:

Japan Nuclear Expert: I’m so worried — I can’t believe No. 4 spent fuel pool will withstand next big quake (VIDEO)

Japanese Diplomat urges UN intervention on SFP4
ABC Australia
Mark Willacy
June 25, 2012
Uploaded by voltscommissar

At 7:50 in

Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute: Tepco says the [No. 4] fuel pool can withstand the next big earthquake, but I cant believe this. That’s why I’m so worried.




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