Day 470 “Our community can’t be replaced with money.”

Enlighten the Diet?

This appears to be an event in which the people will surround the Diet Building in Tokyo with candle lights aglow. July 29th from 5:30 pm.

And here’s another one, on July 16 from 11:00 a.m. 

“Sayonara Gempatsu assembly of 100,000 people”

Info at:




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From ENENEWS at:

Japanese Journalist: Nobody can stop this movement anymore — Even if police make controls, people will gather together — A revolution made by citizens

Ryusaku Tanaka’s Journal of June 22, 2012 translated byDissensus Japan:

Earth Rumbling of “Oppose to the restart of nuclear power plant” “Hydrangea Revolution “in front of Prime Minister Office


Nobody can’t [sic] stop this movement anymore. Even if the police makes controls, people will gather together. Finally 45 000 people participated to the protest on June. (Issued by the promoter) It would not be strange if it becomes 100 000 people next time. Some protesters calledl this demonstration “Hydrangea Revolution” like the arabian spring was called the “Jasmine Revolution” . “Retire Noda!”, “Oppose to restart nuclear power plant!” were echoed all around PM’s Office and the congress hall. It will be the citizens surrounding PM’s Office which will depose PM Noda’s government, not by the rise in rebellion of Ozawa group. It’s already a revolution made by citizens.

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Why are people protesting the mess that TEPCO and the government have created? Watch this:

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Shoes swept up in tsunami land on Washington beaches

Shoes swept up in tsunami land on Washington beachesCredit: Jackie Sheldon, Anna Aragon


A grim and personal reminder of the thousands of lives lost in last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan is drifting toward the West Coast — shoes.

Some in pairs, some individual, shoes of all sizes and types are now washing up on the beaches of Washington and Canada.

This week two shoes were found along Washington’s Long Beach, where dozens of other items swept away by the March 11, 2011 tsunami have also made landfall.

Article continues at:

And… for readers along the West Coast of the U.S., the NOAA has set up an email for beachcombers to notify authorities:

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Japan, US to discuss disposal of tsunami debris

Japanese and US officials plan to exchange information on floating debris created by last year’s massive tsunami. The debris is now turning up along the North American west coast after drifting across the Pacific.

The officials are scheduled to hold talks in Seattle on Monday.

The Japanese government estimates that around 1.5-million tons of debris is now drifting in the Pacific. It was washed out to sea in March last year by the tsunami waves that struck coastal areas of northeastern Japan.

Article continues at:

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Until it happens in your own back yard… 

APEC ministers to agree on importance of nuclear energy use: draft

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Energy ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum will agree at their two-day meeting from Sunday in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the importance of using nuclear energy to reduce carbon dioxide emission and to meet the growing demand for energy, a draft of the joint declaration obtained by Kyodo News showed Saturday.

Article continues at:


From EX-SKF:

APEC Ministers Want Japan to Share #Fukushima Lessons, Stress Importance of Nuclear Energy for Economic Growth and Global Warming Countermeasure

By now, it should be obvious that these two statements may be mutually exclusive, because Japan (the government) clearly hasn’t learned a lesson, the global economy may be tanking again into another “Great Recession” and global warming (anthropogenic one that the activists have been working on for the past decade or two) may not exist.

Nonetheless, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) made up of 21 Pacific Rim countries is gung-ho on nuclear energy as ever, with lip service to the Fukushima accident and nuclear safety.

After all, major nuclear exporters are all members of the APEC: the US, Canada, Japan, China, Russia. And a big uranium exporter (Australia), too.

Article continues at:

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Disaster spending estimated to exceed $50 bil.

Japan’s land and infrastructure ministry estimates that public spending on the reconstruction of disaster-stricken northeast Japan will total about 50 billion dollars this fiscal year that ends in March, creating nearly half a million jobs.

The ministry calculated spending on construction of roads, buildings, and ports in disaster-hit areas and the ensuing ripple effect.

Article continues at:

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From EX-SKF at:

June 24 Demonstration in Funabashi, Chiba (PM Noda’s Hometown) Going On Right Now

(UPDATE) Funabashi Protest is over now. Organizers say 2,250 people participated. It looks like a great success and fun. Orderly event. Over 9,000 people viewed it on USTREAM.

And it looks like some pubs in Funabashi are doing “Demo Discount” for the participants. Excellent business acumen.

(Chibaguy, are you there?)

With music and prompting from an accompanying car (they have DJs in the car), people with something yellow on them are walking the street of Funabashi, Chiba. This is fun. Protesters look just ordinary people.

I wonder if they rode the yellow Sobu Line together.

For details of this unique protest, see my previous post.

There are also smaller protests in Osaka and in Saitama. IWJ’s USTREAM channels:


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From ENENEWS at:

Japan TV: Fukushima seafood to be sold in stores starting next week… after one round of tests on three kinds of samples

Fukushima sea food “safe” for eating
June 23, 2012


The prefectural federation of fisheries co-operative associations announced on Saturday that three kinds of test samples it chose showed radiation levels lower than detectable by radioscope.


This is the first test of any sea food samples from the area since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March of last year.

The octopus and shellfish will be boiled and processed before being sold at supermarkets in the city next week.

The fishery federation plans to conduct another round of fishing before the end of the month to sell catches in Tokyo and other major markets, if possible.

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From Dissensus Japan at:



It’s too late to…

Original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 16.06.2012
Minamisoma City started to say that they will issue the measuring instrument of radiation though it’s already been more than a year since the nuclear plant accident and it’s too late.
People who care about the radiation already bought one on their own money. Did they thought to issue the measuring instrument because of the radiation dose level became relatively equable? But when i go 2 or 3 minutes from my place to the west by car, on the road which is getting through Iitate Village, the radiation level is 2 or 3 micro sievert.
Inside my house, there’s at least 0.3 micro sievert. What kind of measuring instrument will be issued? If it’s only to measure the Gamma Ray, it has no big importance. They will also going to issue the disaster prevention wireless equipment. It’s better than nothing but the government response is too lent.
Incidentally, our family unit will go to receive them. I want to compare with my measuring instruments made in Russia. It’s not only inside Minamisoma City that once uranium and plutonium are condensed, it’s beyond human’s knowledge.
It doesn’t matter if there’s a lot or less radioactive substances released from atomic fission, the only important thing is if they exist in the air or not…
Dr. Shuntaro Hida have been diligently talking about the awfulness of low dose exposure.
Please be aware of the fact that the radiation from nuclear fusion, except for the radiation from the sun, is a frightful thing which can even break the Ecosystem.
Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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