Day 467 Is the world really waking up?

Seems like a good project to support. Any teachers out there?




Habatake Tohoku Kids

October 2012 – August 2013

UTREK, Tohoku Kids Solidarity Project and After School Lessons For Tohoku Children are working together to create this new program to be launched this October for junior high and high school students from Tohoku.  The program includes a Leadership Training course, a summer camp, and online English lessons.

Leadership Training

The UTREK Leadership Training Program supports youth development in leadership skills, communication skills, global understanding and environmental awareness. Students conduct environmental research, take field trips and are given the opportunity to listen to guest speakers. The program provides not only that, but also the opportunity to be camp counselors.

The UTREK International Summer camp will be held in a national park in Nagano at the end of July.  A lot of Japanese and overseas visitors participate in this event.  The students who participate in the leadership training program take part in planning camp programs and assisting campers.

English Lessons

After School Lessons For Tohoku Children will offer online English lessons to participating students.  The lessons will be conducted once a week using SKYPE.  We intend for the lessons to be thematically connected to the Leadership Training course.  We are looking for a volunteer curriculum designer and volunteer instructors.


Curriculum Designer

We are looking for a curriculum designer for the Habatake Tohoku Kids program that will be thematically connected to the Leadership Training workshop and meet the following objectives:

1.) Create awareness
b. English is a global language
c. Foreign languages are tools for understanding the world
2.) Inspire students to continue studying and using English after the course ends
3.) Introduce study methods to be used outside the classroom


We are looking for volunteers with the following experience and credentials:

o A university degree
o A teaching license or certificate is preferable (but not required)
o One year experience teaching English in Japan to junior high or high school students

Send your CV today!

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Shut Down not Meltdown: Keep Japan Nuclear Free Simultaneous Events June 22- Westcoast, U.S. and Tokyo

While the Japanese and local governments restart nuclear reactors throughout the country, Californians and Oregonians are joining hands with the 7.5 MILLION PLUS people in Japan demanding that Japan graduate from nuclear power.

Simultaneous Shut Down, Not Meltdown events will be taking place this weekend all along the west coast of the continental U.S. There actions are a part of an international solidarity movement led by a coalition of six groups Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center (CNIC)FoE JapanGreen ActionNo Nukes Asia ForumPeace Boat, and Shut Tomari .

Article continues at:
Note: Marches will be held 22 June in
Portland, OR 
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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Japan’s tale of two stockpiles

Special to The Japan Times

OXFORD, England — Mount Fuji stands as a powerful eco-symbol in Japan, invoked frequently to describe elements of Japanese nature and culture. According to Japanese writers and others, Mount Fuji’s towering summit-cone and elegantly balanced slopes convey the remote majesty of nature, the essence of purity, a trove of immutable values, a model of aesthetic perfection, and a store of Japanese reserve, to name but a few.

Yet in illustrating how contemporary Japanese society actually works, the sacred peak faces competition from two other mountainlike entities. Lurking out of the public eye are two problematic stockpiles — of plutonium and whale meat — whose mountainous bulk not only looms over Japanese environmental policy and international relations but speaks to the problems that led to the 3/11 disasters.

Plutonium 239 — perhaps the planet’s most dangerous substance — constitutes an environmental nightmare, but still hovers as an unrequited dream to some Japanese policymakers who hold out hope that the substance can provide limitless energy production and energy independence in a time of finite uranium stocks and expensive fossil fuel imports.

To this end, resource-poor Japan has amassed a huge stockpile of weapons-usable plutonium: more than 45 tons, or enough for roughly 5,000 nuclear warheads.

Article continues at:

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TEPCO report on Fukushima nuke disaster dodges blame, points finger at gov’t

TEPCO Vice President and internal investigative committee chair Masao Yamazaki holds up the committee's final report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward on June 20. (Mainichi)
TEPCO Vice President and internal investigative committee chair Masao Yamazaki holds up the committee’s final report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward on June 20. (Mainichi)

An internal Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) report on the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns released on June 20 heaps blame on the government for worsening the situation, while absolving the firm of nearly all responsibility for the disaster.

Article continues at:

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Fukushima residents call TEPCO nuke disaster report ‘sloppy’ and ‘false’

FUKUSHIMA — Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)’s final report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster has triggered a major backlash from prefectural residents and authorities who call it weak and even laced with falsehoods, it has been learned.

Article continues at:

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Stone monument in memory of 3.11 tsunami erected in Iwate Prefecture

Engraved messages about last year's tsunami written by local children are seen in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. (Mainichi)
Engraved messages about last year’s tsunami written by local children are seen in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. (Mainichi)

KAMAISHI, Iwate — A stone monument bearing local children’s messages to future generations in remembrance of the March 11, 2011 tsunami has been erected here.

The structure is part of a joint project by some 300 stone contractors across the country aiming to build 500 stone monuments in quake and tsunami-stricken coastal areas in the Tohoku area in northeastern Japan.

Article continues at:

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Ooi Nuke Plant: KEPCO Waited 10 Hours Before Announcing the Alarm and Leak, with NISA’s Approval

Certain things will never change, nuclear accident or not.

From Jiji Tsushin (6/21/2012):

Responding to the criticism in delay in announcement regarding Ooi Nuke Plant, NISA says if an alarm sounds it will be promptly announced


About the delay in announcing the alarm at the generator cooling system of Reactor 3 at Kepco’s Ooi Nuclear Power Plant which is being prepared for the restart, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under METI decided on a new rule on June 21 that “if an unexpected alarm sounds, it will be promptly announced regardless of the effect on safety”.

Article continues at:

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There’s a LOT more…. It’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Stay tuned!




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