Day 465.5 Heavy rainfall and…. earthquakes?


At the moment, where I am in Nagoya, there is an eerie silence outside. No wind, no rain, only the sound of tires driving through water on the road. Could we be in the eye of the storm?


Typhoon #4 Guchol is rated M3: threatening life and property.

Large, strong typhoons in June are fairly rare in Japan. Typhoon season is usually August and September. According to, 

Most typhoons hit Japan between May and October with August and September being the peak season. Typhoons later in the season tend to be stronger than typhoons earlier in the season.

Yikes! If this is a “weak” one, wonder what else we’re in for this year…

Shonai River 19 June 2012

From Nagoya! FB page (via Rangi Thomson-McCall)


NHK 7:44

  • 68,000 in Toyohashi have been ordered to evacuate.

Chart showing how long the strong wind advisory (keihou) will last. In the Tokai area, it may last through the early morning hours of 20 June.


Typhoon Guchol is expected to move through the Japanese mainland tonight and on into tomorrow, dumping heavy rain and wielding gale-force winds. As it approaches the already beaten-by-nature northeast (beaten down, but not out), the people are probably aware of a possible secondary effect of this typhoon and the one that is following it. Rain will be seeping into the cracks and faults that have shifted since 3.11. Will that be enough to lubricate the fissures and trigger more quakes? 
And how about here in the Tokai / Nankai region?

Heavy Rainfall Can Cause Huge Earthquakes

Rain-induced erosion loosens faults, scientist says.

Heavy rainfall can trigger earthquakes in what one scientist calls “disaster triggering disaster.”

Read the entire article at:



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