Day 450 Nuts.

Some days when I read the headlines and the articles/videos that follow them, I sincerely wonder how the nuts that got into positions of decision making are allowed to continue uncontrolled, unregulated, and unaccountable for their unconscionable actions.

Japan to make more plutonium despite big stockpile

By Eric Talmadge

NATIONAL JUN. 02, 2012 – 02:42PM JST


Last year’s tsunami disaster in Japan clouded the nation’s nuclear future, idled its reactors and rendered its huge stockpile of plutonium useless for now. So, the industry’s plan to produce even more has raised a red flag.

Nuclear industry officials say they hope to start producing a half-ton of plutonium within months, in addition to the more than 35 tons Japan already has stored around the world. That’s even though all the reactors that might use it are either inoperable or offline while the country rethinks its nuclear policy after the tsunami-generated Fukushima crisis.

“It’s crazy,” said Princeton University professor Frank von Hippel, a leading authority on nonproliferation issues and a former assistant director for national security in the White House Office of Science and Technology. “There is absolutely no reason to do that.”

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Largest US Newspaper Publisher: ‘Enough radioactivity to poison millions’ in Fukushima Unit 4 — Radiation to hit West Coast of US would be ‘far more’ than trace amounts if fuel rods exposed, says Senator

Fukushima still feeds lawmakers’ concerns for West Coast
Paul C. Barton
June 3, 2012


Spent fuel rods, containing enough radioactivity to poison millions, remain in pools of water covered only with plastic in the badly damaged Unit No. 4. If the building ever collapses, experts have warned, the rods could become exposed and the radiation leakage would be unprecedented.


The amounts of radioactivity that could drift to the West Coast, [Ron Wyden (Democrat-Oregon)] said, would be far more than trace amounts.


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71 percent against hastily restarting Oi nuclear plant: Mainichi poll

The Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Oi, Fukui Prefecture, is pictured from a Mainichi helicopter. (Mainichi)
The Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Oi, Fukui Prefecture, is pictured from a Mainichi helicopter. (Mainichi)

The Japanese government is set to decide this week to reactive two of the Oi Nuclear Power Plant’s reactors in Fukui Prefecture, but 71 percent of respondents to a survey by the Mainichi Shimbun say the government should not rush to restart the idled reactors, compared with 23 percent who are in favor of an early restart.

According to the poll taken June 2 and 3, 48 percent of respondents consider 15 percent as a desirable share of nuclear power in relation to Japan’s total power generation in 2030, while 25 percent call for a total abolition of atomic power altogether.

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From EX-SKF at:

Ooi Nuke Plant Restart: Edano, Hosono, and Kingmaker Sengoku Arrives in Fukui Prefecture

They will speak with the governor of Fukui, and after some token “negotiation” the governor will give a go sign to restart Ooi Nuclear Power Plant as the national government says it will be somehow “responsible”. Fukui Governor Nishikawa alwayswanted the extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) to Fukui. Give and take, the traditional Japanese way.

Just when Edano was in Fukui the last time, the police is there to protect the power that be. At least they are protecting human beings (no matter how depraved); the police in Kitakyushu City was protecting the disaster debris against residents.

The photo is from NATER from Fukui. The sign says “We’re Against the Restart!”:

By the way, even if the plant is restarted, the utility company Kansai Electric may still do the rolling blackouts anyway, according to the latest.

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450 days later…

Panel studies quake-tsunami preparedness

A joint governmental panel has begun studying ways to prepare for a massive earthquake and tsunami that is expected off Japan’s Pacific coast.

Officials from about 130 ministries, agencies and local governments, as well as telecommunications and power companies took part in the meeting in Osaka on Monday.

The panel will draw up a disaster readiness plan for a giant quake that is expected along the “Nankai Trough” off Japan’s Pacific coast. A number of earthquakes and tsunami have, in the past, originated in the deep water trench that stretches about 900 kilometers from central to western Japan.

The panel is the first of its kind to be set up in the area on a permanent basis.

In the meeting on Monday, a senior Cabinet Office official stressed the importance of information sharing among the central and local governments in order to coordinate efforts.

A central government official said it will come up with a report this month outlining its estimates for the number of victims and damages caused by a large earthquake and tsunami.

The panel will set up sub-committees for each of 6 regions from Kanto to Kyushu to discuss their specific needs in designing a disaster preparedness plan.

The panel will also discuss how local governments can support each other in the event of a massive disaster.

Jun. 4, 2012 – Updated 05:48 UTC (14:48 JST)

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The moment when Edano lied to the people.mp4

(h/t FukushimaDiary)

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Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar

video at:

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Radioactive Japan: JAEA Compares Angry Wife to Radioactive Material

For record before it disappears… JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) tries to do the “risk communication” to ordinary citizens and blows itself up on Twitter.

JAEA’s Tokai Research and Development Center Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering department has created the page below, to communicate things nuclear more effectively to general public who are not familiar with special terminology and numbers. The target is women, who they say have less understanding of technical aspect of nuclear energy than men. Therefore, the key to better communication is to how to adopt women’s point of view, they say.

So what have they come up with? Using a quarrel between husband and wife to illustrate what radiation, radioactivity, radioactive material mean.

If we compare radiation and radioactivity to a quarrel between husband and wife…

Angry voice of the wife is “radiation”,

The excited state in which the wife is in and which causes her to shout angrily is “radioactivity”,

The angry wife shouting to the husband is “radioactive material” itself.

It would be the same if the shouting party is the husband instead of the wife. But they target women, because, as they say, women are considered to have less understanding of matters related to nuclear technology.

In general, it is what has been expected in Japan for long time – that women are not good at math and science.

Even the so-called “pro-nuke” people are appalled at this clumsy “risk communication” by JAEA. “What is this? JAEA, what’s the matter with you?” was the tweet from a female theoretical physicist.

The JAEA page does say it has come up with the idea by talking with 6 women who live in Hitachinaka City where the JAEA Tokai Research and Development Center is located.

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Tepco says ‘no comment’ when asked if they believe nuclear plants are safe (VIDEO)

Fukushima Fallout
101 East, Al Jazeera English
09 Mar 2012
Upload Date: Jun 2, 2012
Uploaded by: UrRightToKnow

At 8:45 in

Reporter: [We] asked Tepco if they still believe nuclear plants are safe.

Tepco Spokesman: I can’t comment on that in this current situation.

At 10:40 in

Radiation Expert Shinzo Kimura: My results show contamination has spread all over the country.

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Say NO to radioactive debris in Okinawa

Japanese Prime Minister Noda visited Okinawa on 2/26/2012, requesting that the Okinawan Prefectural government and local cities accept radioactive debris from Fukushima and nearby affected areas if the Japanese government asked them.
As residents of Okinawa we petition the elected leaders of Okinawan government in the strongest terms to never allow radioactive debris to be shipped to Okinawa.

Information continues with petition at:


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