Day 445 “Crisis continues”

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*New Discovery* A Hidden Danger of the Fukushima Daiichi Spent Fuel Pool 4 – Crisis Continues

30-minute Broadcast on Fukushima: “If anything happens, this is not just about the end of Japan, probably start of the end of the world” (VIDEO)

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Published on May 29, 2012

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Shin-ichi Sano, Author: The world had not choice but to pay attention.

People have said that we must gather expertises from around the world in order to solve the current problem.

Regarding Fukushima, this has to happen, don’t you think?

Indeed. As you say, there is no time for silly arguments.

If anything happens, this is not just about the end of Japan, probably start of the end of the world.

I would like them to realise that we are in such crisis situation.

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California TV: Seafood industry CEO advises “stay away bluefin tuna” — Worry that radiation could get worse before it gets better

Radioactive Tuna Raises Concerns in Southern California
KMIR Palm Springs
By Angela Monroe
May 30, 2012

After several radioactive Bluefin tuna crossed the Pacific Ocean and ended up off the southern coast of California, many here in the valley are worried about the safety of our seafood. 


“Really shocked that that could even happen, it’s quite scary,” said Palm Desert resident, Sabine Skelton.


Fisherman’s Market and Grill Restaurants CEO Louis Pagano […] has worked in the fish industry all his life, and has some advice for seafood lovers.

“I’d be careful, stay away Blue Fin tuna for the time being, and at that point I don’t see any hazards in any of the other open ocean large swordfish, salmon, sea bass,” said Pagano.

Some people worry the radiation could get worse before it gets better.


Over a year, later the impacts of the Fukushima meltdown are still swimming towards us.


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Cyanobacteria and alpha radiation detected 350km from Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEOS)

From the website of Koichi Oyama, Minamisoma City Council:

May 26, 2012 in Toyama, Ishikawa Prefecture

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Goshi Hosono Admits to Harvard Professor: “We Should Have Admitted to a Core Melt Possibility”

Goshi Hosono, as the minister in charge of the nuclear accident, met with the Harvard political professor Michael J. Sandel, to whom Hosono said that his government should have admitted a core melt (meltdown) possibility earlier.

Well, the government actually did, very early, like the very next day of the disaster on March 11, 2011. But the Kan administration quickly replaced the official of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency who spoke about the possible core melt in the press conference at noon on March 12, 2011. So they officially admitted, as if by mistake, in the initial confusion. Then, they were busy backtracking from that statement until several weeks later. Even for those who heard and read about the statement, I don’t think it registered on them as people weren’t as educated about things nuclear at that time as they are now.

For that matter, the government, with Mr. Edano as the spokesman, didn’t officially tell the public that there was an explosion of Reactor 1 on March 12, 2011, until after 5 hours had passed.

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Bombshell: Japan PM says Japan under nuke dictatorship


If George W. Bush stood up before Congress and told the American people that the petroleum industry were run by secret Stalinists whose goal was to destroy America and the world, it would be less surprising than to have former Prime Minister Naoto Kan say that Japan is ruled by a nuclear industry dictatorship, comparing them to the men who bombed Pearl Harbor and led the nation into a war that left the nation in ruins. Japanese leaders rarely speak so bluntly.

Just as interesting is the apparent treatment of the story by the world media. The Voice of America blog, to my surprise, gave the fullest reporting of the comments. Most media outlets gave truncated versions. Der Spiegel gave some excellent contextual reporting, exposing the breadth of corruption through academia, the press, and the Parliament, but has not yet mentioned Kan’s testimony.

The former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, has given striking testimony to Parliament, in which he accepted blame for his own poor response during the Fukushima meltdown, but also attempted to obtain some degree of absolution because of the degree of corruption of the nuclear industry. He also urged Parliament to abandon nuclear power. To my surprise, Voice of America had some of the best coverage, reporting Kan saying:

“TEPCO and the Electric Power Companies of Japan have dominated the nuclear power industry for the last 40 years. Through this nuclear clique and the rules they created, they expelled and isolated industry experts, politicians and bureaucrats who were critical, while the rest just looked on because of self-protection and an attitude of peace-at-any-cost. I’m saying this because I feel partly responsible.”

“This nuclear clique, which has been created by the vested interest, is similar to the former Imperial Japanese military. We have to totally destroy and eradicate the organizational structure of the vested interests and (the) influence it has on the public. I think this should be the first step in reforming the nuclear industry.”

Comparing the nuclear industry to the Imperial Japanese military is to call that industry a fascist state.

Article continues at:

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There’s a new article over at Japan Focus entitled:

A Lesson from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident 福島原発事故の教訓 by Yuki Tanaka
It describes the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami, and meltdowns of FD1, the subsequent hardships for the people of Fukushima, the radiation, the psychological and financial stresses of leaving the prefecture, and the effects of “social discrimination”. It calls for the end of nuclear power in order to prevent a similar disaster form happening in the future.
Read the entire article at:
Article includes the following videos:
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 File this under “Say what??!!!!”

Higher rates for households expected to raise extra ¥190 billion for utility

Panel likely to delay start of 10% price hike by Tepco

Staff writer

Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s hoped-for 10 percent price hike for households will probably not kick in on July 1 because a government panel scrutinizing the plan faces no deadline for reaching a judgement, an official in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Wednesday.

“Tepco would have to officially notify the public of the price hike before July 1, which means the panel would have to approve the hike around June 20,” said METI official Manabu Nabeshima. “The panel has raised various concerns. They are basically concerned that Tepco could do more to cut costs.”

Article continues at:



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