Day 404 Yet too many in Tokai area complacent, “It won’t happen here”

Why does it seem there are so many articles of late that are filed under “Duh”? People are just now catching on to what the “anti-nuke panic-stricken crazies” have been saying all along? Wake up and smell the coffee, folks.


From ENENEWS at:


German state-run TV: “Reports from Japanese journalists confirm what anti-nuclear activists fear: the situation in Fukushima is much worse than gov’t is letting on”

Title: Japanese government criticized for downplaying nuclear disaster
Source: Deutsche Welle
Author: Ulrike Mast-Kirschning / sb
Editor: Shamil Shams
Date: 18.04.2012

Reports from Japanese journalists confirm what anti-nuclear activists fear: the situation in Fukushima is much worse than the government is letting on – and the Japanese people are being misled.[…]

Japanese Journalist Takashi Uesugi

The former TV moderator was invited to a discussion by the Lutheran Church and various NGOs in Berlin to talk about the Japanese government’s handling of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Among other things, he explains how radiation measurements in Fukushima are manipulated.

“The top surface is removed and the area is cleaned with water before the Geiger counters are used,” he says. […]

According to Uesugi, radiation measurements are manipulated […]

Tamahashi Uesugi criticizes the strong linkages between politics, the nuclear industry and the media. He says politicians who lose their offices are often offered a job with the energy company Tepco, which operates three nuclear power plants in Japan – one of which is the stricken Daiichi plant in Fukushima. Uesugi believes with all the interdependencies, the system is impenetrable. Furthermore, such are the government’s efforts to play down the nuclear disaster, Uesugi points out, that whoever criticizes it is shunned out of the system. […]

It is not only the Japanese government, but also international organizations – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) – which are also playing down the effects of radiation exposure. […]

Read the report here

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Someone on the Safecast listserv said it first, but…

“Women and children first” has taken on a whole new meaning:

The Helen Caldicott Foundation: Disproportionate Harm, Initial Talking Points

There has been a lot of discussion about the spent fuel at Fukushima, especially now – about the reactor #4 spent fuel pool. The harm this could cause should it collapse is incalculable. But, the truth is we are getting sick and dying from radiation exposure already, and it is happening in disproportionate numbers. We need to keep referencing that this is happening now in Japan, and everywhere around the world. We are asking for your help in making this widely known. Please join us!

Disproportionate Harm: Women and Children are more Vulnerable.

This year the Helen Caldicott Foundation in partnership with NIRS, and all other groups who want to join us (national and international), will embark on the start of a major education to action campaign on the effects of radiation exposure on the health of all people. But, its particular focus will be the disproportionate risk radiation exposure poses to women and children. Buried in the literature to date is the fact that men are more resistant to radiation. The safety standards, which time has shown protect no one, were designed at the time of the Manhattan Project to protect young, healthy, western, men. Presumably, military men expected to accept a certain degree of risk in exchange for protecting their country.

Insufficient as it is, even the National Academy of Sciences BEIR V11 Report, widely accepted as the industry standard, clearly states:

  1. There is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Any exposure can trigger cancer.
  2. Although the reasons are not yet clearly understood, women and children are 
significantly more vulnerable.
  3. Women are 40-60% more likely to get cancer than men, given the same exposure. 
They are about 50% (half again) more likely to acquire a fatal cancer from this exposure. This means that for every two men who die of radiation related cancer, three women will die given a similar exposure.
  4. Children between the ages of 0-5 are more vulnerable than all adults, both men and women. But what is almost never discussed, also from the BEIR V11 Report, is that in this age group little girls are twice as vulnerable as boys. This means that for every boy, there will be two girls who will acquire a fatal or non-fatal cancer.

This is truly shocking, and when applied to the situation in Japan leads to a horrifying vision of the future. But, the fact is, these same numbers have been found for exposure to tritium and other radioisotopes, released from every nuclear reactor legally and illegally. Furthermore, the industry’s denial that clusters of childhood leukemia exist around nuclear reactors has been refuted by a number of current studies that have found these clusters DO exist. This includes the recent KiKK Study from Germany, and the Geocap study in France.

Article continues at:

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Predicted damage worsens for expected major inland quake in Tokyo area

Damage predictions in case an inland earthquake hit the Tokyo metropolitan area have become more serious and realistic following the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, which is believed to have raised the likelihood of such a catastrophe.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s disaster prevention council released on April 18 damage predictions for four possible patterns of inland earthquakes that could hit Tokyo, with predicted casualties shooting up to 9,700 from 6,700 in the previous projection in 2006. Based on the latest predictions, the metropolitan government is poised to scramble to make infrastructure and houses more anti-fire and quake-resistant, while the importance of individual citizens’ preparations and awareness is also increasing in order to minimize possible damage.

 Article continues at:
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Powerful inland quake in metro area could claim 9,700 lives in Tokyo

A powerful inland earthquake in the Tokyo metropolitan area could claim the lives of up to 9,700 people in the capital, according to an estimate made by the Tokyo Disaster Prevention Council.

Furthermore, the council anticipates that up to 300,000 buildings, or around 10 percent of all structures in Tokyo, will collapse or be burned down by quake-triggered fires.

Article continues at:

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News photo

Quake assessment projects nearly 10,000 dead in Tokyo

Latest projection takes into account lessons from the March 11 disaster

Staff writer

A massive quake beneath northern Tokyo Bay would kill about 9,700 people, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Wednesday.

In its latest damage projection report, the metropolitan government said approximately 70 percent of the area covered by Tokyo’s 23 wards would suffer a destructive temblor of upper 6 or stronger on the Japanese seismic intensity scale.

Article continues at:

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Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight… The next person to head TEPCO will be a guy who was working with (for?) the gov’t (“state-backed entity”) that gives money to TEPCO, and that group (“state-backed entity”) is trying to get more of our tax money to go to TEPCO and into this guy’s pocket? 


Gov’t says bailout fund official Shimokobe will be TEPCO chairman

TOKYO, April 19, Kyodo

The government said Thursday that Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s next chairman will be Kazuhiko Shimokobe, a key member of the state-backed entity providing financial aid to the utility that is seeking to receive a public fund injection.

After being requested by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to take up the key post, which even prominent business figures refused to serve in, the 64-year-old lawyer told reporters the same day, ”I will accept the request for sure.”

The government hopes the next chairman to succeed Tsunehisa Katsumata will play a leading role in turning around Japan’s largest utility known as TEPCO, which is facing massive compensation payments and other costs stemming from last year’s accident at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

 Read the entire article at:
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BBC Food Programme:

Japan, Fukushima and food

(h/t Gifu reader)
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Article appearing in today’s Asahi newspaper, also found at:
My translation (no guarantees of 100% accuracy)

Complete destruction/loss from fires: 300,000 structure, deaths: 11,000


Showing building damage resulting from a quake along the  Sanage-Takahama fault line



The city of Nagoya shown in orange, roughly an area of one square kilometer.




If an earthquakes should occur directly under the city of Nagoya, it would effectively isolate the city. (I think this means that the Tomei Hwy would be cut off, the major artery in and out of the greater Nagoya area.)


Below, showing the effects of an M7.6


表2 猿投-高浜断層地震(M7.6)の被害


building damage


300,000 structures


complete destruction


180,000 structures


lost in fires


120,000 structures

◇死者  deaths 1万1000人  11,000
  地震    due to quake 9700人    9,700
  火災    due to fires 1400人    1,400

Complete destruction as a result of the quake and fires could reach 300,000 structures and 11,000 deaths. The people living in the Aichi Prefectural area and Nagoya should prepare for the   Tokai earthquake / Tonankai quake / Nankai quake inevitably coming in the very near future…..






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