Day 398 Oi reactor restart given gov’t go-ahead

Dear folks in Oregon and California,

Last Friday there was one heck of a storm that passed over Japan. It brought hurricane-strength winds and buckets of rain with it, and then moved along its way. I’m wondering if you could possibly be getting remnants of that storm. I am not a meteorologist, nor do I know anything about the speed of movement of such storms. 

I do know that higher levels of radiation have been found over on the west coast of the U.S. since 3-11-11. Might be a good idea to cover up when you’re out in the rain… At least in Portland, I know it’s not the “Oregon” thing to do, but better to stay on the safe side, donchya think?

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And a note about the media… Today North Korea launched a missile which failed shortly after it was launched. This is the headline in all the major media (MainStream Media, or MSM).

For example, this evening, there are no reports on the conditions at Fukushima, the burning of  radioactive debris, contaminated food, health effects, or animals within the 20km zone in Maichini English ( , Kyodo English News (, The Japan Times (, or NHK World (

When there is a major event, look carefully for news which is not related. That is the best time for important government  or corporate/industry decisions to be made, but they may not be reported because the main focus of the day is on, for example, a missile launch. 

What else happened that is not being reported by the MSM?

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The Japanese government has announced they have decided to restart the Oi nuclear reactor. Protests have begun in Tokyo.

[Live] Police inspector join anti-nuke demonstration in front of prime minister’s official residence

Posted by Mochizuki on April 13th, 2012 at:

Following up this article..[Live] Demonstration in front of prime minister’s official residence

Demonstration to be against the restarting of Ooi nuclear plant was restarted this Friday (13th) again.

This time, approximately over 1,000 people are at the demonstration in the radioactive rain.

This time, police inspector joined it to give speech. He’s wearing mask to hide his identity.

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This, from  ENENEWS at:

Now 4 quakes over M4 hit Fukushima in past hour — Video ofM6.0 shaking Tepco webcam

Follow-up to: M6 quake hits Fukushima at 6:10a ET — M4.5 in same location 5 minutes later


Video of M6.0 Earthquake (h/t Infopest)

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State of the Reactors

TEPCO announced that cooling systems were automatically suspended at the spent fuel pond at reactor #4 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant on Thursday, as a result of a pipe leak. Officials said that 20 liters of contaminated water leaked, as well as 40 cc of hydrazine, a compound used to prevent corrosion. TEPCO is continuing to investigate the cause of the leak. Water temperature has risen more than 20ºC so far, and is expected to rise a half a degree each additional hour. Cooling efforts have not yet been restored.


The municipal government of Tokyo is now the majority shareholder of TEPCO’s stock. Tokyo has criticized the utility for a recent 17% fare hike, as well as for continued bungling of the Fukushima disaster.

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TEPCO’s Evening Press Conference 4/13/2012: Reactor 4 SFP Temperature: 37.6 Degrees Celsius, Reactor 3 SFP Photos

From TEPCO’s regular press conference at 6PM, April 13, 2012.

The heat exchanger for the Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool restarted at 4:04PM.

Temperature as of 5PM was 37.6 degrees Celsius on the water surface.

TEPCO took the photos of Reactor 3’s Spent Fuel Pool. One of the photos shows the fuel exchanger (upper right):

Photo No.1 (upper left) was taken from the surface of the water. Matsumoto says the fuel racks are underneath the debris. Photos No.2 (upper right), No.3-1 (lower left), No.3-2 (lower right) shows the pool at 7 meters from the surface. Photos No.2, No.3-1 and No.3-2 were taken from the cask space.

Photo No.3-1 shows the fuel rack, and the fuel handles. Photo No.3-2 is a blow-up of No.3-1.

Matsumoto says the pool didn’t look damaged as far as the camera could see.

The video was taken, and TEPCO is currently reviewing the video. It will be made public next week.

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An IMPORTANT launch:

3.11 Chronicle

This English website was begun with the assistance of IWJ International in March 2012. It started as a pilot project of IWJ for international network and will be extended in Chinese and Korean. We post news about Japan and videos with English summaries that we want the world to know about.

videos, photos and descriptions in English at:

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And now, a message from the rumor mill… the following is unreliable… just read on a FB page this evening. Don’t believe everything you read. Just some things. Your decision.

“My daughter just called me from Radford, Virginia. She was having lunch with one of her gal pals and they had ordered tuna steak sandwiches, the restaurant was Sharkies. The server said they were out of tuna, and had been for 2 weeks and there was a problem with the tuna and their supplier would not sell it to them. My daughter asks, kind of jokingly, “Why, was it radioactive?” and he said, “YES, that is exactly what it is.”

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From the Safecast listserv:
      Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:05 AM
    Subject: [Safecast Jpn]

New Structure to be Built around Unit 4 to Remove Fuel Rods

On March 29, 2012 Tepco announced that it applied for an injection of 1 trillion yen in public funds. On the same day Tepco, through NISA, released the details of a new steel frame structure to be built around Unit 4 for recovering the fuel rods from the pool. The inverted L shaped structure will be self-supporting and only the part carrying the fuel handling mechanism will be bolted to the wall of Unit 4. The design of the 51m tall structure, to be covered by steel panels, will be completed by the end of June and construction will start this fall.
In preparation for the construction the remaining parts of the outer shell, pillars and roof of the 5th floor on the north side of Unit 4 needs to be removed, and this work will be completed by the end of June. The crane to lift the fuel from Unit 4 is expected to be manufactured in the third quarter of 2012.
A graphic illustration of the structure (without cover) by TV Asahi news:

      A graphic illustration of the crane lifting fuel from the pool:



      Construction schedule:


      The common spent fuel pool currently holds 6400 spent fuel rods, some of which are to be removed to make space for fuel from Unit 4. The removed fuel will be stored in dry casks at the plant site.
      The reason why there are so many fuel rods in Unit 4 and the common spent fuel pool is due to lack of space in the storage facility at Rokkasho, Aomori prefecture. Fuel transport from Fukushima Dai-ichi to Rokkasho was cancelled in 2008 for this reason. A nuclear waste processing plant with a new storage facility is under construction in Rokkasho. It was due to have been completed in 1997, but it has been delayed 18 times due to various problems.
      The latest projected completion date for the nuclear waste processing plant was October 2012, but it was delayed again due to another problem found in February. Therefore, the fuel removed from the common pool has to be stored in the Fukushima Dai-ichi for the time being.
      The common spent fuel pool is undergoing repair work to prepare for removal of its fuel. The dry casks to hold the removed fuel will be manufactured, and a facility to store the dry casks will be designed by the end of June.
      The removal of fuel from the common spent fuel pool is planned to be completed through this year.
      In the second quarter of 2013 the schedule calls for removing rubble from the spent fuel pool in Unit 4 and a detailed survey on the condition of the fuel contained will be conducted.
      The actual lifting of the fuel rods from Unit 4 is planned toward the end of 2013.
    The continuing earthquakes that hits the region remains a source of worry.



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