Day 385 Ka-e-re!!! Ka-e-re!!! Ka-e-re!!! (Go home!)

Today’s Japanese lesson:

“Kaere!!” (kah-ay-ray) = Go home!

“Kodomo wo mamore!!” (koh-doh-moh oh mah-moh-ray) = Protect the children!


It’s great to see 28 minutes’ worth of Japanese with teeth. Wonder why we don’t see this news on NHK?


Goshi Hosono Is Being Shouted Down by Protesters in Kyoto

Hosono and his officials are right now in Kyoto, trying to persuade Kyoto residents that they have to accept disaster debris, and the protesters want to have none of that. Hosono has to shout to be heard over the ruckus.

He’s trying to appeal to the people in Kyoto by showing some craft piece made by a Miyagi elementary school child. “Do you think this is contaminated? Do you?”

Click on this link to watch the video:


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It’s Official: Canned Fish from Tohoku Will Go to Developing Countries, With the Help from UN

Another “win” for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who operates the ODA (Official Development Assistance). They have managed to obtain support from the United Nations on this one.

first wrote about this particular ODA in June last year, with the follow-up post in September when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally requested the appropriation for the 3rd supplementary budget.

Now it’s official, with the help of the UN. Canned fish from Tohoku will be given to people in developing countries in the world so that the fisheries in the disaster-affected areas can recover and “baseless rumors” disappear.

The fish cans will go to Cambodia and 4 other countries and will be used in school lunches to feed school children.

Article continues at:

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Foods with excessive radiation under new rule found in 8 prefectures

TOKYO, March 31, Kyodo

Food items containing levels of radioactive cesium exceeding a new limit, to be enforced from Sunday, have been found in 421 instances in eight prefectures since January this year, a survey by the health ministry showed Saturday.

The food items with levels exceeding 100 becquerels per kilogram of cesium were found in Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Chiba prefectures in the survey conducted through March 21, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Of the 421 cases, about 80 percent involved seafood and river fishes, and the remainder involved shiitake mushrooms and the meat of wild animals such as boars and birds.

Read the entire article at:

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Fukushima fishermen hopeless after nuke contamination postpones fishing season

Kiroku Gonoi posts a sign reading

Kiroku Gonoi posts a sign reading “No Fishing ” on a road along the Nojiri River in the Okuaizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, on March 30. (Mainichi)

FUKUSHIMA — Fishermen in this prefecture’s Okuaizu region were left hopeless after radioactive cesium exceeding the allowable limit detected in some river fish forced them to postpone this year’s fishing season indefinitely.


The fisheries cooperative of the town of Kaneyama and Showa village near the Nojiri River was forced to postpone this year’s mountain stream fishing season, which was set to begin on April 1, after fish samples caught in the river in mid-March registered 119 to 139 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram.

Read the entire article at:
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Projected Tokyo quake to hit top intensity over wider area; science ministry

A powerful inland earthquake expected to occur in the Tokyo metropolitan area is likely to register 7 on the 7-point Japanese intensity scale over the largest area if it hits near the Tokyo-Chiba border, according to a science ministry research team estimate.

The team of experts set up by the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry announced the estimate on March 30.


The team, comprised mainly of University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Research Institute researchers, surveyed the subsurface structure of the metropolitan area using seismometers at 296 locations in Tokyo and its vicinity.


It then estimated the vibration intensity of a magnitude-7.3 inland earthquake on the assumption that the epicenter would be in a coastal area near the border of Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, around the city of Chiba or in western downtown Tokyo.

The team estimates that if the epicenter is near the Tokyo-Chiba border, the quake will register 7 on the Japanese intensity scale in the most extensive areas, including the Edogawa, Koto, Shinagawa and Ota wards of Tokyo as well as the Kanagawa Prefecture city of Kawasaki, among other areas. Moreover, such a temblor is assumed to measure an upper-6 in Yokohama and the eastern Tama region of Tokyo, even though it had been previously estimated at a lower-6 in these regions.

If its epicenter is around the city of Chiba, the team predicts that it will register 7 near the mouth of the Sumida River. If its epicenter is situated in a western Tokyo ward, it is presumed to measure 7 in Kawasaki and other areas as well as near the mouth of the Sumida River.

Furthermore, the team predicts that such an earthquake will measure at least an upper-6 in most of the 23 wards in central Tokyo, regardless of where the epicenter is located. It had previously been believed that it would register not more than a lower-6 in western Tokyo wards.

Read the entire article at:

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14 nuke disaster evacuation zone residents file 265 million yen suit against TEPCO

Fourteen residents of Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture, have filed suit with the Tokyo District Court against Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), demanding some 265 million yen in compensation for what they call mental suffering caused by radiation exposure fears and life in temporary housing.


The plaintiffs, however, are demanding 300,000 yen per month for two years starting from the beginning of the crisis, plus 10 million yen per head of household, stressing the mental and physical suffering they’ve experienced as their lives have been thrown into disarray by the evacuation, and the constant fear of radioactive contamination.

Read the entire article at:

=  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  ~  =  TEPCO’s Answer to the Leak of Concentrated Water after Reverse Osmosis at #Fukushima I: Sandbags

TEPCO has a countermeasure to the leak of highly concentrated, contaminated water after the reverse osmosis treatment. Sandbags. And some shiny steel “barrages” as TEPCO calls them.

Article continues at:

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Has Started Propaganda Campaign to Invite Foreign Social Medial Writers to Japan

(Applicants can download an application in Excel file at the Embassy’s site. Go to the end of the post for more.)

Remember that harebrained project that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would do after grabbing some extra money in the supplementary budget last year? Well it has just started.

“An Invitation Program to Japan for SOCIAL MEDIA WRITERS: Hello social media writers!–the Government of Japan invites you to participate in an opportunity to travel to Japan and share your experience through social media.”

The anon reader who gave me the link says the Embassy people (or whoever is managing their Facebook page) keep deleting the negative comments.
The Japanese people I know are all disgusted with the government scheme and they are extremely ashamed. And angry that their tax money is being used like this by their government.


This is hilarious. I clicked on the link in the Embassy’s Facebook post to take a look at the application form. IT’S AN EXCEL FILE! Are we still in the late 1980s, when companies that were very much behind the curve about computers were using Excel spreadsheet as word processor?

So these Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials do not even know how to create a simple form either in editable PDF format or web format, and they want to invite social media writers.

It was probably created by a local secretary who doesn’t know anything about social media…

(What an atrocious color scheme… What has happened to the fine sense of design and color that the Japanese want to think they possess?)

Read the entire article at:

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From ENENEWS at:

NYT: “Cores at three of plant’s reactors melted down, breaching their containment vessels” — Tepco maintains fuel stopped short of breaching containment vessels

Title: New inspections find grave risks persist at Japan’s ravaged reactors
Source: New York Times
Date: March 29, 2012

Fukushima Daiichi’s vital cooling systems were knocked out in the early stages of the crisis last year. The uranium cores at three of the plant’s six reactors quickly melted down, breaching their containment vessels and triggering a massive radiation leak.

The above New York Times article appears to contradict previous reports by Tepco, Japan’s gov’t, and the media. This article excerpt from The Japan Times shortly after a state of cold shutdown was declared is one of many examples:

Based on a computer simulation, Tepco believes reactors 1, 2 and 3 suffered meltdowns […] and that the fuel rods inside melted through the pressure vessels and stopped just short of breaching their containment vessels.

Yomiuri: “The worst-case scenario is a China syndrome” […] A China syndrome refers to a situation in which nuclear fuel in a reactor melts and goes through a containment vessel –Masao Yoshida, former chief of the Fukushima Daiichi plant

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Japanese Magazine Says Hitachi May Be Pulling Out of Nuclear Business (or Maybe Not..)

The subscription-only magazine called “FACTA” has the first paragraph of the article available for everyone.

Read the entire article at:


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