Day 375 Foreign news sources inform the world, yet many Japanese remain in the dark

An important video has been released. German reporters managed to disguised themselves as workers at FD1 and got into the plant. In the video, there are rather candid comments from former prime minister Kan, Kei Sugao (TEPCO/GE whistleblower from late 1990s-2000s), etc.

At present, the film is in German with Japanese subtitles, but English subtitles are being developed. If you copy and paste the Japanese transcript into Google Translate or other web ounce, you can get the gist of what they’re saying.

Here is the link for the video and Japanese transcript:

and here is the link for the video alone (includes Japanese subtitles):

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Interesting blog on things nuclear – good letter to the Shizuoka gov’t protesting its acceptance of radioactive waste:

Ace Hoffman’s Nuclear Failures Reports

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Mayor of Shimada City Copies Goshi Hosono: “No Baseless Rumors if Disaster Debris is Spread All Over Japan”

 Just as Goshi Hosono as Minister of the Environment (he is still the minister in charge of the nuclear accident) said the other day, the mayor of Shimada City in Shizuoka Prefecture is confident that “baseless rumors” will disappear once the disaster debris is spread all over Japan.

What kind of “baseless rumors”? In case of Shimada City, it’s a “baseless rumor” that the green tea grown in Shimada City may get contaminated with radioactive materials from burning of the disaster debris contaminated with radioactive fallout from the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident and from burying the ashes in the final disposal site that has dubious records for safety.

Article continues at:

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Folks are developing geiger counters that are accurate, affordable, and easy to use. Here’s another project just getting off the ground:

If u find this post meaningful and want us to help make this geiger counter, please RE-SHARE this post!

Here’s +MAKE Tech Advisory Board member Andrew “Bunnie” Huang’s own blog about the design process of the “stylish, more user friendly geiger counter”.

+Safecast Geiger Counter Reference Design –

I found this very close to me as I was living in Tokyo when the Earthquake stroke, a lot of my friends are still affected by the situation at Fukushima Daiichi, so the feeling of “wanting to help” is the same. Secondly, the design theory of “making it stylish and user-friendly*” so more people can use it everyday is very similar to what we are doing with our *$300 3D Printer – the #MakiBox . Finally, the prototyping process itself – even the casing of that final prototype was made by CNC-machined ABS! Whole process costs less than $3000 total! That’s pretty awesome!!

I’ll be posting on Safecast’s mailing list to offer our help in bringing this new geiger counter to market! Like I said, we started this company because we want to do good, meaningful things with our lives! Even though we’re a small team, we want to do our best for meaningful causes and help those who are making positive changes in the world!!!

So, if you’re onboard with what we do, and you want +Safecast to use +Makible‘s service to manufacture this geiger counter for the people. PLEASE RE-SHARE THIS POST!

Thank you,
+Nicholas Wang
Makible Co-founder

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Mobile operator develops system to prevent ‘out of service’ at shelters in case of disasters

A man looks at a computer screen showing mobile phone reception conditions and the locations of possible evacuation shelters, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. (Mainichi)

A man looks at a computer screen showing mobile phone reception conditions and the locations of possible evacuation shelters, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. (Mainichi)

NAGOYA — Mobile operator KDDI Corp. has developed a new system that prevents cell phones from falling out of service at evacuation shelters in case of natural disasters, it has been learned.

At the core of the system is the newly introduced pre-registration of all potential evacuation facilities across Japan, the data availability of which allows the company to quickly access information on them and address potential service disruption efficiently at times of natural calamities.

In case of a massive-scale natural disaster, the company will be able to immediately track down cellular service conditions at each operating evacuation shelter by automatically analyzing air waves at base stations near them and quickly grasping which are stable and which need immediate assistance.

The system then makes it possible to quickly install temporary base stations near shelters where mobile services have been disrupted as a result of power outages or other circumstances, company officials say.

The company will further provide information on evacuation centers’ air wave conditions to local governments.

The new system, developed by KDDI’s Nagoya technical center in Aichi Prefecture, was inspired by a series of natural calamities over the last year, including the No. 12 and No. 15 typhoons that struck southern Japan last year.

Article continues at:

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Woman in Her 50s Dies Inside the No-Entry Zone in #Fukushima Prefecture

There is no information whether she was the former resident of Namie-machi, but I think it is likely.

From Kyodo News (3/20/2012):

警戒区域入った女性死亡 福島県浪江町

A woman who entered the no-entry zone died in Namie-machi, Fukushima

Details follow at:

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Director films Fukushima no-go zone in documentary about hometown

A film director who graduated from high school years ago in Fukushima’s no-go zone has made a documentary about local residents, whose lives have been upended by the ongoing nuclear disaster.

In the film, “Tachiiri Kinshi Kuiki — Futaba: Saredo Waga Kokyo” (Off limits — Futaba: our hometown, in spite of it) 63-year-old director Takemitsu Sato, enters his hometown in the Fukushima Prefecture district of Futaba wearing a protective suit and gas mask to witness its current state, and also visits former classmates who have been forced to evacuate. “I want people around the country to share in this suffering,” he says.

 Article continues at:
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Osaka stirs ripples with planned anti-nuclear power pitch at KEPCO shareholders meeting

A decision by the Osaka Municipal Government, Kansai Electric Power Co.’s biggest shareholder, to suggest abolishing the company’s nuclear power plants at a general shareholders meeting in June has stirred ripples.

The municipal government is expected to ask the Kobe and Kyoto municipal governments, which also hold shares in the power company, to follow suit, but individual shareholders, who account for one-third of the company’s shares, could also sway the company.

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Mie may accept debris


TSU, Mie Pref. — Mie Gov. Eikei Suzuki said Wednesday he is considering helping to process and dispose of debris from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The work would be done in the city of Inabe.

Suzuki said he has approached Taiheiyo Cement Corp., a Tokyo-based firm that has been incinerating debris from the disaster since June at its Ofunato plant in Iwate Prefecture, for data to verify the technical feasibility of doing the work in Inabe.

Article continues at:

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Japanese Politicians’ “Performance” This Year Is to Measure Radiation of Disaster Debris on the Street Corner

Remember the “performance” by politicians (then-Prime Minister Kan, for one) in spring and early summer last year of eating “delicious and safe” fruits and vegetables from Fukushima? Many celebrities and TV personalities joined in, putting pressure on people to eat Fukushima produce.

Article continues with video at:

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