One year ago

I’m not good with words. Today all of Japan stopped again at 2:46 p.m.  To remember.

Here I repost today’s entry from over at Senri no michi. Will continue with news updates tomorrow.

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We remember

Mar 11th, 2012 by Senrinomichi

Today is the first anniversary of the triple disaster

We remember the 15,850 men, women and children who died that terrible day

those carried away in the icy waters,

those crushed under collapsing buildings,

those who starved to death in the days that followed,

because nobody could hear their cries for help

We remember the 3,287 people who are still declared missing,

the 6,011 who suffered injuries,

the 1,580 children who lost one or both parents

We remember the 260,000 people still living in temporary homes,

the 150,837 evacuated from the nuclear exclusion zone

unable to return to their towns, perhaps forever

We remember

that behind each of these statistics

there is a human life

We remember those countless people that the statistics have forgotten

Those who lost family

Those who lost friends

Those who lost their livelihoods

Those who took their own lives because they saw no hope

Those who go on living, but who have lost their will to live

We remember all who remain in the exclusion zone,

those who remain illegally to feed stray animals

those who work legally at the gates of hell

We remember all who must live with the constant fear of radiation

the children, whose playtime is curtailed

the parents, who worry for their children

To every one of you

May your God go with you,

wherever you may be

We remember the beautiful coastland,

the hundreds of thousands of proud trees,

so lastingly and brutally violated that day

We remember the soil and the sea,

the wildlife and the sea life

poisoned by radioactivity,

the domestic animals, abandoned to their fate

We remember a people whose relationship to nature changed forever that day

We remember a country we know as a friend,

changed forever that day

We remember so that the people, the soil, the sea, the trees,

may feel a little less alone

We remember so that we should not forget

We remember, so that we should not repeat our mistakes

But not only

We remember, we remember

Because we cannot do otherwise


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