Day 316.1 Top universities in Japan received billions of yen from gov’t and energy companies

5:31 pm

According to Yahoo News: 11 National universities provided with 10,487,640,000 yen by the government and the company sector

(MY translation of article below)

Tokyo University, Kyoto University, etc., from 2006 – 2010 year received money to do research on nuclear power. As long as the research resulted in supporting nuclear power, the money came in regularly.

Money came in the forms of allotted research budget directly from the government and donations from companies related to the nuclear power industry.

The total sum for collaborative research was 410,830,000 yen. There are many cases where the business sector shouldered the burden for anywhere from several hundreds of thousands of yen to several million yen.

Among many professors who received money, one was Aritomi Masanori of Tokyo Engineering University who received 18,850,000 yen. After the crisis began at Daiichi, he was appointed as cabinet advisor to Prime Minister Kan. “I have a disease, and going to conferences abroad, I can’t take economy class. As it costs money, and my travel expenses are expensive, maybe they are being considerate of my condition, and they gave me a great deal of money” Aritomi said.

On the other hand, Koide Hiroaki and Imanaka Tetsuji, Assistant Professors at Kyoto University who kept on sounding the alarm warning about the dangers of nuclear power, were not provided with funding.

Four universities received money from electric companies in return for presenting university classes on the merits of nuclear power.

Universities received (in order of amount): Kyoto University: 3,306,400,000 yen, Tokyo University, 2,558,950,000 yen, and Tokyo Engineering University, 1,674,810,000 yen respectively.

<原発推進>11大学に104億円 国と企業が提供

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