Day 306 Oh, boy…

From ENENEWS at:
Published: January 12th, 2012 at 12:00 AM EDT

Marine Chemist: “I’m convinced there are ongoing leaks”– A century of contamination? — Cesium levels not decreasing, same as July

Fukushima’s Impact on the Ocean Analyzed, IEEE Spectrum by Prachi Patel, January 12, 2012:

[…] cesium-137 concentrations have stayed at near constant levels since July, implying that radioactive water is still being released, either directly from the reactors or indirectly from groundwater […]

Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at Woods Hole who is involved with researching ocean radiation off of Fukushima

“I’m convinced there are ongoing leaks” […]

“Even if you plug all leaks and shut down reactors, groundwater keeps leaching into the ocean and these waters and contaminated sediments can be a long-term source of cesium-137 for decades to a century” […]

Accumulation of radionuclides in marine sediment is the main concern, says Buesseler. […]

Organisms that live in or on sediment, such as worms, shellfish, and bottom feeders, could be exposed to high radionuclide concentrations. “For a population that eats a lot of seafood, this is certainly of concern,” Buesseler says.

Read the report here



Thank you to a reader for submitting the following clip of a journalist simply asking  Sonoda-san the question: “Is it good that you are not aware even of the number of the dead previous workers if they are already dead” (have already died(?)) and getting the runaround. I believe the journalist is Iwakami Yasumi (follow on Twitter @iwakamiyasumi), an independent journalist in Tokyo, whose web site – IWJ  Independent Web Journal – can be found at


Uh, what was that again?

Lack of memory caused breakdown in nuclear plant monitoring system

The government’s emergency support system to respond to nuclear plant accidents broke down temporarily late last year when it ran out of memory, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) has announced.



Cause of Death of the Fuku-I Worker: Heart Attack

As always, there is no connection between the death and the fact that he had worked at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant since May last year, according to TEPCO.

He must have died of stress, Mr. Shinzo Kimura and other experts may say.

For some unknown reason, it took 2 days since he had died for the information to be released by TEPCO.

Details at:



Disaster Debris from Onagawa, Miyagi: 133 Bq/Kg of Radioactive Cesium

…and then they burned it.


As EX-SKF writes:

Disaster debris is as good as money. There are enough municipalities throughout Japan in a dire financial condition and willing to accept debris in exchange for subsidies. As Haruki Madarame of the Nuclear Safety Commission said 7 years ago, “It’s all about money, isn’t it?” He was talking about nuclear waste then.

Read more at:


4170 Bq/Kg of Radioactive Cesium in Crickets in Iitate-mura, Fukushima

A researcher (vice president) at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology collected 500 crickets (1 kilogram) in Iitate-mura in Fukushima Prefecture, and found 4,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium. He also tested locusts in different locations in Fukushima, and found radioactive cesium in them.

Read the entire article at:



Fukushima to test milk from 10,000 mothers



And finally, reposting this video from back in September.

Chilling, yet a conceivable future?



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