Day 305 Nuke plant makers: We’ll tell you what to check for, NES

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Okay, so let me see if I’ve got this right. The Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization does not have its own system of inspecting nuclear power plants??? It relies on the procedures printed in inspection manuals produced by the companies that make the plants?

Isn’t that like having the FAA use check sheets that Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, etc., come up with to verify that all aircraft are safe for operation?

Inspectors checked nuke facilities using manuals given by facility makers, users since ’03


EX-SKF writes about the blogger living in Minami Soma, Emiko Numauchi, aka “Numayu”, who has been documenting her failing health since 3-11. She has been attacked for speaking out. Her experiences have been chalked up to, and brushed aside as, stress. (One would think that THAT theory would be easily refutable.)

EX-SKF points out that people in Japan are not as willing to put forth the effort to put a stop to nuclear power in Japan. 

I agree, but not that it is just now occurring…. Seeing only about 800* people turn out for the demo in Nagoya last JUNE (a city of 2.17 million, with 8.7 million in the greater Chubu Metropolitan area), clearly dealing with the risk of running nuclear power plants on top of active earthquake faults in an era of tectonic plate movement is NOT high on the population’s agenda. This public nuclear inertia started months ago.

Nuclear Fatigue Setting in Japan After 10 Months

Here is the video he writes about (in Japanese):

Nagoya demonstration, 11 June 2010 (in Japanese):


10L of water leakage “500,000Bq/cm3″

Posted by Mochizuki on January 10th, 2012

10:30AM 1/10/2012, a Tepco employee found water leaking from the tank to storage abandoned salty water after purifying system of highly contaminated water.
It was 10L to leak. They say it was from the rubber part of the bottom of the storage tank. It was stopped by clinching the bolt.

Tepco states the leaked water was stocked on the concrete around the tank, nothing was absorbed to the ground. It’s supposed to contained a portion of radionuclides such as Cesium or Strontium, which is 500,000 Bq/cm3.



Quake note:

Wednesday 11 Jan, 2012

03:37 Japan time

M7.3 off the northwest coast of Indonesia

No tsunami.



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