Day 304 Creating more and more mess

Asahi Newspaper (Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012, p. 1):

65,000 fewer people along the tsunami-affected and radiated no-go zones in Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate Prefectures. 80% are people under the age of 30.




Fukushima nuclear plant worker in coma after collapsing at site

A worker in his 60s at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant is in a coma after collapsing at the site, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has announced.

The man, an employee of a company cooperating with TEPCO, has been in a state of cardiac and respiratory arrest, the utility said on Jan. 9. The worker had been exposed to 52 microsieverts of radiation on Jan. 9 before collapsing and losing consciousness at the crippled plant that day. TEPCO is trying to confirm how long he has been working at nuclear plants and how much accumulated radiation doses he has been exposed to so far.

According to TEPCO, the man had been pouring concrete since the morning of Jan. 9 in order to manufacture a tank to hold radioactive materials following the treatment of contaminated water emanating from the cooling of nuclear reactors at the plant.

At around 2:20 p.m., the worker complained of sickness and was treated at the plant’s medical office. However, he did not recover and was later transferred to a hospital in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, at around 4:30 p.m.

Since the outbreak of the nuclear crisis in March last year, three workers have died of sickness and other causes at the disaster-stricken plant.

(Mainichi Japan) January 10, 2012



Before you get out the bucket and mops, read this:

Fukushima nuclear cleanup could create its own environmental disaster

Decontaminating the Fukushima region to remove radioactive particles will not be possible without removing large amounts of soil, leaves and plants…..


People who were gainfully employed before the quake/nuclear disaster now find themselves unemployable because they do not have the “skills” that companies are looking for. Gov’t and companies… what is your solution?

Quake disaster survivors see bleak future as unemployment benefits run out



Just an FYI from EX-SKF:

Dead Whale? Floating in Tokyo Bay

…Some Japanese are getting nervous, not because of radiation but because the March 11, 2011 earthquake was preceded by beaching of whales.



Hmmm…. perhaps the government knows something we don’t?

Story (1) from ENENEWS:

Neurobiologist: Could Fukushima produce bacteria resistant to antibiotics? — Radiation a sure way to stimulate mutations

…Bacteria are notorious for developing resistance to antibiotics through rapid mutation and natural selection. Radiation is a sure way to stimulate mutations. Could the radiation that will be contaminating the environment surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for hundreds of years produce bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics?…
and story (2):

Noda Administration to Restrict Freedom of Assembly in “National Emergency” from Influenza

From Yomiuri Shinbun (1/10/2012):

The Japanese government has decided to enact a special measures law in preparation for a new influenza epidemic with high toxicity and infectivity.

EX-SKF translates and discusses the article at:



Curious…  Reports from people in Fukushima and Ibaraki feeling something like underground explosions rather than the “normal” earthquakes… ?

Fukushima citizen “Recent earthquake is something different”



And… something possibly related to a million different things…. stress, cup noodle diet, who knows? Not necessarily related to radiation, even though there may be  evidence that it could be related. According to a study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (Vol.1181), Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, by Yablokov, Nesterenko and Nesterenko, 2009, (p. 105):

Neurological and psychiatric disorders among adults were significantly higher in the contaminated territories (31.2 vs. 18.0%). Impaired short-term memory and attention lapse were observed among high school students aged 16 to 17 and the seriousness of these conditions correlated directly with the levels of contamination…

[Read the study at ]


Possible organic damage of cerebral nerve for people in Kanto area





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