Day 300 Japan, take control of them and take them apart, ASAP!

More on Asako House. If you haven’t dropped them a postcard yet, here’s the address again:

Ms. Atsuko Ogasawara, c/o Asako House, 396 Aza Ko-okoppe, Oh-aza Ohma, Ohma Machi, Shimokita Gun, Aomori Prefecture, JAPAN 039-4601



Japan looking at taking control of nuclear power -media

TOKYO | Thu Jan 5, 2012 6:24pm EST

Jan 6 (Reuters) – Japan’s government is considering taking control of the nation’s nuclear power plants away from private utilities, in a bid to improve accountability of the industry, the Yomiuri newspaper said on Friday.

The move comes as Tokyo Electric Power Co has fallen under criticism for its handling of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant crisis. (Reporting by Nobuhiro Kubo, James Topham; Editing by Joseph Radford)



The gov’t is THINKING about submitting a bill to the Diet soon that would limit the operation of nuclear reactors to 40 years. There might be exceptions, and they are not sure when the new law would be enacted.



Japan to set 40-year limit for operation of nuclear reactors


Three reports on the PM considering the “worst case scenario” – “based on extremes as not very realistic.”

Tokyo exodus nuke report’s worst scenario

‘Migration’ plan mulled at height of atomic crisis

–  –  –  –  –

Worst scenario during Fukushima crisis was reactor explosion: Hosono

–  –  –  –  –

250km area will be evacuating area if the spent fuel pool is damaged at reactor 4

Posted by Mochizuki on January 5th, 2012

On 3/25/2011, Nuclear Safety Commission submitted the report in case another hydrogen explosion happened in Fukushima.

From this report:
1) 170 km area will be mandatory evacuating area.(including South Tohoku, Niigata, North Kanto)
2) 250 km area will be evacuating area.(including Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama)

Japanese government asserts the worst senario was avoided by reinforcing the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 etc..
They state they didn’t disclose the report not to cause a panic.
but I post this because Fukushima seems to be back to the crisis again.


2012 rice from Fukushima? We’ll test it all! For cesium. Er, no, not for strontium, or uranium or plutonium or tellurium or Mickey Mousium or anything else that continually spews forth from the reactors at the Daiichi plant. Only cesium. Thank you for your attention.

Fukushima to Test Every Single Bag of Rice This Year (Meaning They Will Definitely Grow Rice in 2012)

If they do it, they should have done in 2011. Damage done.


If you like a writer’s blog, here’s one to have a look at:

Postcard #3 : Leaving Fukushima – Station to Station

Jan 2nd, 2012 by Senrinomichi

Postcard#1 Postcard#2

As the mystery train pulls out of Fukushima – where today’s questions of truth rise and converge – we pass through stations with familiar names;Ishinomaki, Kessennuma, Miyagi, Otsuchi, Rikuzentakata.Communities ravaged by the tsunami.



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