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The latest from Arnie Gundersen (video below).
Highlights here:
Q: To what level is the Japanese government raising the standard level of safety for its citizens with regard to exposure to radiation?
A: According to the Japanese Government, citizens can safely live in the exclusion zone with exposures less than 20 millisieverts.”  (=2,000 millirem)
Q: How much exposure does the average worker in an American nuclear power plant receive in a year?
A: 180 millirem. (Yes, that’s 180.) Source: Health Physics Society (*see original and link below)
Q: What is Japan planning to do with the radioactive waste from the disaster?
A: Burn it.
Q: Burning the waste releases some radiation into the air. What will happen with the remaining ash?
A: In other countries, the waste would be kept in a regulated waste depository. Here it will be dumped in Tokyo Bay.
Q: Is that legal?
A: It isn’t if you put it on a ship, take it out to sea, and dump it. That would go against the London Convention which does not allow countries to dump nuclear waste at sea. But here, it’s going into landfill in Tokyo Bay….
Q: Who condones this action?
A: The IAEA.
Q: Who determines the “acceptable level of risk”? (2,000 millirem)
A: The IAEA.
Q: Who is monitoring the ocean?
A: 27 countries have formed a contract with the IAEA to monitor the ocean off of Fukushima.
Q: Who is the head of the IAEA?
A: Yukia Amano, a former Japanese government regulator.
Q: What does the Charter of the IAEA say about it’s role with regard to nuclear energy?
A: Article II says, “The Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.”
Next step: Occupy the IAEA?
*From Health Physics Society at:

Answer to Question #361 Submitted to “Ask the Experts”

Category: Nuclear Power — Nuclear Energy

The following question was answered by an expert in the appropriate field:

According to the most recent estimate, what is the average yearly dose equivalent to radiation workers at nuclear power plants? Where can I find a breakdown of the fraction of workers receiving different dose equivalents? Thank you.
Information on annual radiation dose to radiation workers at nuclear power plants can be found in the NUREG-0713, “Occupational Radiation Exposure at Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors and Other Facilities,” a report issued annually by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This report includes data on total collective dose, average annual dose, as well as tables that show the data broken down by different dose levels, work type, etc. The most recent report (November 1999) indicates that the average annual measurable dose to a radiation worker at a commercial nuclear power plant in 1998 was 180 millirem. You can find a copy of the report and other related information at the NRC’s Web Page for Information on Occupational Radiation Exposure at NRC Licensed Facilities. Ralph Andersen, CHP

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