Day 243 But if you burn it, where does the smoke go?

Incineration of cesium-tainted vegetation resumes in Chiba Pref. city

The waste processing center in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, where incineration of radioactive cesium-tainted vegetation resumed on Nov. 9. The dark material at left is some of the vegetation. (Mainichi)

The waste processing center in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, where incineration of radioactive cesium-tainted vegetation resumed on Nov. 9. The dark material at left is some of the vegetation. (Mainichi)

KASHIWA, Chiba — An incineration plant here resumed burning radioactive cesium-contaminated vegetation on Nov. 9 after about a three-month suspension.

The Kashiwa Municipal Government had stopped incinerating the vegetation tainted in the disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant after contamination exceeding the government limit of 8,000 becquerels per kilogram was detected in the resulting ash in August. However, a lack of storage space has forced the city to resume burning the vegetation. The new round of burning will apparently last about a month.

The incinerators at one of the city’s waste processing centers began burning the vegetation at about 9:30 a.m., though to prevent high concentrations of radioactive substances in the ash, the vegetation is being mixed in with other garbage at a 10 to 20 percent ratio. As ash exceeding the government’s contamination limit cannot be buried in a landfill, it will be stored at the waste processing center.

(Mainichi Japan) November 9, 2011



Over at Mochizuki’s blog, he has included a letter from Dr. C. Busby which asserts that calcium and other supplements “will have a radioprotective effect and will reduce the effects of exposure to the main harmful elements contaminating the air, the food, the dairy products and the water.”

Dr. Busby also includes in his letter instructions for how to check food for radioactivity.

Read the entire article at:

A great entry over at EX-SKF today:

Yukio Edano Rewriting History: “I Said ‘No Immediate Effect’ Only 7 Times Out of 39!”

Yukio Edano, who as the Chief Cabinet Secretary (mouthpiece) in the Kan Administration appeared several times a day during the early days of the Fukushima nuke crisis to soothe and reassure the general public that everything was under the government control and that there was nothing to worry about, now says he only used the famous “No immediate effect on health” only 7 times in the press conferences which he says there were 39.

He is a lawyer by training, by the way.

Answering the LDP politician Seiichiro Murakami who questioned the inadequate government response in the early days of the crisis during the Budget Committee in the Lower House of the Diet on November 8, Edano responded:


I held 39 press conferences during the first two weeks of March 11. Of those 39, I said “There is no immediate damage to the body or the health” 7 times. Of those 7, I referred to food and drinks 5 times. I wasn’t talking about the generalities and did not say there was no immediate effect. I simply said, repeatedly, that there was a standard set so that if one drank milk for one year that had radioactive materials in it there would be a damage to the health, and that there would be no immediate problem if one consumed such drink once or twice.

Clearly, Edano thinks everyone except himself is so dumb and forgetful that he can get away with it.

First, even if it was only 7 times that he said “no immediate effect, or damage”, that was amplified by several orders of magnitude by the media and by the government experts who were on TV, radio, almost 24/7 in the early days.

Second, he most definitely did not say that the provisional safety standards were set so that if one consumed contaminated food or drink for one year there would be negative effects. He is now saying, “Oh didn’t I tell you that? That was what the provisional safety limits were for, and I thought that was obvious to everyone, no?”

Third, he certainly did not say “once or twice” when he talked about the provisional safety limits. The experts that the government sent to TV stations in the early days did their best in propagating variations of Edano’s “no effect” message, reassuring the general public.

Edano’s excuse? “The government did not have detailed information on radiation levels.”

PLEASE read the entire article at:

Japan: Fukushima people forced to do a contamination work for free

Woman finds husband’s body in wrecked car 8 months after March disasters

The wrecked car, in which a woman's missing husband was found, is pictured on Nov. 8 in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. (Mainichi)

The wrecked car, in which a woman’s missing husband was found, is pictured on Nov. 8 in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. (Mainichi)

KAMAISHI, Iwate — A woman found the body of her husband, who had been missing since the earthquake and tsunami disasters, in the wreckage of a car here earlier this month, it has been learned.

The car was found in August and was in a temporary debris-holding site, but the inside had not been checked yet. “There may be other similar cases,” says the woman, who believes that double-checks of cars hit by the disaster are necessary.

The city had been comparing the car’s license plate with ones on record in order to find the owner, but it had not been comparing the number with one that the family had submitted.

The city notified the woman of the location of the car on Nov. 2, and on the same day she visited it and found a body in the driver’s seat. She identified it as her husband’s from a driver’s license and other evidence. She says the funeral for her husband had already been held.

Iwate Prefecture still has around 1,400 people missing from the disasters. Following the recent discovery, the Kamaishi Municipal Government and prefectural police are working to check the insides of around 3,000 disaster-wrecked cars in the city.

(Mainichi Japan) November 9, 2011


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