Day 194.3 Update on storm & typhoon

Update at 20:19:

Many trains have stopped running in the Nagoya area. Highway interchanges have been closed, especially those near rivers that are in danger of flooding.

More homes are being asked to evacuate.

At one point this evening, there was a call for evacuation of the ward (area) where my university is located. It has now been called off.

It’s rather strange to be sitting here on the 2nd floor of a house that is only 30 minutes (and well east) from where people are being evacuated. As I write, there is a cool breeze coming in through the window, the crickets are singing away, people are driving normally out front, all as we watch pictures of flood streets and rivers, people sandbagging their homes, emergency rafts shuttling people from their homes to higher places. Unreal


About half of the population of Nagoya has been advised to evacuate to shelters.

The areas on the west side of Nagoya are near the Shonai River which has been at risk of flooding. This afternoon at around 1:00 pm today, one of the levees in the Moriyama Ward broke and caused flooding in the area.

There have been many landslides in Gifu Prefecture.

It’s still quiet where we are. I imagine we’ll have a lot to report tomorrow, so best to get a good night’s sleep.

Oyasumi nasai (Good night).


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