Day 194.1 Henry, batten down the hatches! Looks like we’re in for a whippin’

Right now there’s a storm front passing over, dropping rain like I’ve rarely seen before – only during the rainy season years and years ago. After this, typhoon #15 is making it’s way steadily up the length of Japan. Between now (16:51) and tomorrow noon, they’re expecting 20 inches (500mm) of rain in the Tokai area, where we are. The taxi driver on the way home said the rivers nearby are already at peak levels in some places, and people are being evacuated in parts of Nagoya.

As I write, some things are quite normal – a van blaring ultra-right-wing music just sailed past our house. Sigh.

Here’s the forecast:

This is where they think the typhoon will be at 9:00 am tomorrow 21 Sept):

And this is how much rain they think will be dropped on us in the next 18 hours or so (the part in red):

And this is where they expect the typhoon will head:

And if you look carefully, all that rain and the gale-force winds will be heading right over the Tohoku (and Fukushima) area. They certainly don’t need and rain up there that could cause more flooding (remember the whole area sank about a meter (39 inches). They certainly don’t need any landslides, and Fukushima doesn’t need any help getting contaminated water into the rivers and ocean.

Speaking of Fukushima, what are the prevailing winds at the moment?

Fukushima is about level with the white square on the right indicating 6-10 meters/second of wind (not strong at all). The direction, however, is sending the radioactive isotopes in a south-westerly direction, down over Tokyo, and then back over Shizuoka, famous for its tea.

Don’t worry, though. Radioactivity in the amounts escaping Dai-ichi can’t really hurt you unless you’re right up next to it for extended periods of time. Or so the authorities have been telling the people here.

As of 17:42, 380,000 people have been evacuated throughout the Nagoya area, more in neighboring prefectures.

And here’s an ominous cloud heading our way:

More later.


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