Day 150 “New holes, Henry?”

Today is August 8, and I’m testing this system to see if it works. I want to try to continue the blog you have been reading on this WordPress site. Yes, you can now leave comments.

I will not be home for a few weeks, so I’d like to update my blog from my laptop or other devices. Today is Day 150, and here are the news updates:

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“Henry, you made a new hole!”

Underground electric cable damaged during survey at Fukushima plant

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Tokyo Electric Power Co. said that an underground electric cable at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant was erroneously damaged while workers were conducting a boring survey as part of efforts to prevent leakage of radiation-contaminated water into the sea.

The utility known as TEPCO discovered the development during an investigation into a power outage that occurred Thursday at an isolated building that serves as a base for bringing the disaster-triggered nuclear crisis at the plant under control, it said.

After the power failure occurred at the building at around 12:50 p.m. Thursday, backup power was activated a minute later to resume electricity supply and the normal power source was resumed about three and a half hours later, according to TEPCO.

In the survey, being taken before workers place shields in the ground to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the sea, workers were boring into the ground to check the flow of groundwater when a device touched and damaged the electric cable about 2.5 meters underground, it said.

TEPCO officials said they will check underground charts beforehand in continuing the survey.

(Mainichi Japan) August 7, 2011

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This, from

Jul 29, 2011

Japan denies censorship over nuclear crisis

Japan on Friday denied that a government project to monitor online news reports and Twitter posts about the Fukushima nuclear crisis was an attempt to censor negative information and views. — PHOTO: AP

TOKYO – JAPAN on Friday denied that a government project to monitor online news reports and Twitter posts about the Fukushima nuclear crisis was an attempt to censor negative information and views.

Some Western online reports have charged that Japan had passed a law with the intent of ‘cleansing’ the Internet of negative reports and commentary about the accident at the tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi atomic plant.

Chikako Ogami, a spokesman at the energy agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), told AFP: ‘Our government will never censor information at all. These are erroneous news reports.’

Ms Ogami said the agency had set aside funds in the nation’s disaster reconstruction budget for a project to monitor ‘inaccurate’ online information that may lead to harmful rumours against residents of Fukushima.

‘But we will never ask Internet providers or web masters to delete such information or pin down the senders,’ Ms Ogami said. ‘We will simply explain our thoughts on our own website and our own Twitter account.’

The controversy was triggered when METI’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy earlier this month opened a call for bids for its so-called Nuclear Power Safety Regulation Publicity Project. The bid said the agency needed a contractor ‘to monitor blogs on nuclear power and radiation issues as well as Twitter accounts around the clock’. — AFP

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Okay, so this article, found at, says that [my summary]:

According to this expert, the work that the people at Daiichi #3 are doing has to be reviewed. The fuel at the bottom of the containment vessel may have undergone a second meltdown. If it escapes the reactor pressure vessel, they need to rethink what to do about the water they’re circulating in order to cool the reactor. (In other words, if it escapes the pressure vessel, what’s the use of pouring water into the vessel?) The workers who are working on that #3 unit would be in even more danger if the fuel has  escaped the RPV.

TEPCO, expressing a contradictory opinion said, “The majority of the fuel is still in the reactor pressure vessel.”

–> Other experts have been saying for weeks that the fuel has escaped the RPV. No news here.

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福島3号機の燃料、2度溶融か 収束作業見直しも





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