Where’s the SDF?

You know, over recent weeks, I’ve noticed something odd. You can find lots of information on how to volunteer to help out in Tohoku, how to donate to help, etc. I have friends who have been up to the tsunami/quake-affected areas to work on the clean-up. There are thousands of people who are still living in shelters with no home to return to. [No, I have not been up there myself. There are many important ways to help people affected by 3-11.]

My questions is, where is the SDF? I mean, I know they were there in the days after 3-11, helping to deliver much-needed supplies and to help to look for the missing. In all the news sources I have been watching, why is it I cannot seem to find any articles about their efforts now? Or have they been told to pack up and go home?

If anyone happens to know, pls leave me a comment. I keep thinking that our taxes are paying to have them available in just such an emergency – and the emergency isn’t over yet. I still want to pay my taxes AND have them help the folks up in Tohoku with the cleanup operations.

Just wondering.


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